Heraldic Fret Pewter Pendant

Heraldic Fret Pewter Pendant Necklace 121.1069

Product Description

Our Heraldic Fret Pewter Pendant measures 1 1/4 inches in diameter and comes on a 36 inches long black cotton 2.5 mm cord ready to wear. It is cast from lead free pewter in the USA. This Heraldic Fret Pewter Necklace is the perfect edition to add the finishing touch to a medieval or renaissance garment. In heraldry a fret is a charge consisting a saltire, which is a cross in the form of an X and interlaced with a mascle. A mascle is an open diamond shape. It represents the meshes of a fishing-net. Being borne by the family of Harrington it is also sometimes called a Harrington's knot. The term fret, occurs frequently in the ancient rolls. Our pendant is a Fret couped, which means the ends of the design have been cut smoothly.

Key Features:
Made in the USA
Handmade from Pewter
A great costume accessory

1 1/4 inches in diameter
Price: $7.98
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