Non Firing 18th Century Pirate Blunderbuss

18th Century Pirate Blunderbuss Antique Non Firing

Product Description

This massive boarding blunderbuss has a wide and intimidating barrel. The blunderbuss could be loaded with nails, shot, rocks, glass or anything a pirate could get his hands on. At close quarters this pistol would have a very broad reach.

The 18th Century Pirate Blunderbuss features an antique finish, all full wood stock construction, and metal barrel and firing mechanism. This non firing replica offers real action for pulling the trigger of this flintlock replica.

* Non firing
* Functional lock mechanism
* Authentic detailing

Overall Length: 29 inches
Weight: 3 Lbs
Era:Pirate-Era Thru Early 19th cen.SKU#:19-FD1094GMSRP:$135.00
Price: $121.00