Irish Lady Ensemble VL-IrishLady

Irish Lass Ensemble VL-IrishLass

Our Irish Lass Ensemble features a cotton dress that is perfect for the lady on hot days. Boned in front for dramatic push up shaping. A hidden pocket keeps the four pieces of spring steel boning in place and reinforces the front grommets. Bodice area reverses to black. Adding our decorated chemise, underskirt and ring belt, you are certain to melt the heart of any Irishman that crosses your path.
Waist Size (In Inches)
Choose Ring Belt
Dress Color
Decorated Chemise Trim Color
Underskirt Color
Base Price: $315.00 Customized Price: $315.00
  • 24-26"
  • Ring Belt
  • Navy
  • Silver Trim Whie Chemise
  • Berry