LARP 15th Century Children's Breastplate DC-498

LARP 15th Century Children's Breastplate DC-498

15th Century Children's breastplate with optional backplate and arms. This Armour was constructed from hybrid polyurethane. With fixed faulds and one piece spaudler and upper cannon. To fit approx age range 6 - 11 years.

This armor can be used for LARP events, Stage, Faire and Medieval Re-enactments.


* Highest Quality LARP Armor available
* Made of hybrid polyurethane (not steel)
* Looks like REAL Armor
* Will not rust or dent
* Lightweight and Comfortable

**** Please Note, This is a hand made, custom item and takes 6-12 weeks construction time. Please Allow 12-16 weeks for delivery.  This item is not cancelable once ordered.***

Armor Finish
Optional Armor
Base Price: $179.40 Customized Price: $179.40
  • Antique Iron
  • Breastplate Only