Leather Scale Armour Set BTS-4101

Scaled Leather Armor Set

This armor set is sized to fit the female form. Similar in design and function to a Roman lorica, our leather breast and back plates provide ease of movement while protecting your upper body and shoulders. Hand made to order in the U.S., this set is available in a wide variety of colors and includes all straps and buckles.

The complete harness includes:
· Pauldrons
· Upper and lower cannons (arms)
· Couter (elbow)
· Leather cuirass (breast & back plates, tassets)
· Full leather leg armor with greaves

Armour Measurements 2A through 4G

Leather Color Samples
Choose Armor Color
Choose Scales Color
Choose Leather Thickness
Base Price: $799.00 Customized Price: $799.00
  • Black
  • Black
  • 13-15oz Heavy Leather
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