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Leather Scale Armour Set BTS-4101

Era:Fantasy-Related, LARPSKU#:BTS-4101MSRP:$1,499.00

Product Description

Our new leather Scale Armour Set is sized to fit the female form. The full harness of leather armour has a strap and buckle closure. The large pauldrons provide shoulder protection using a lamellar construction covered with scales. The 3-quarter leather Arm protection includes Upper & Lower Cannons, 1/4" Thick Leather Elbow Cop and attach to the leather pauldrons by means of leather ties or cords. Similar in design and function to a Roman Lorica, our leather breast and back-plate provides ease of movement while still protecting your upper body and shoulders. Designed to be open at the sides it has an adjustable side strap closure. Includes a pair of small scaled tassets. The full 2-piece leather leg armour includes articulated Upper Cuisse, which reaches about mid-thigh. 1/4" Thick Leather Knee Cop with Fan, demi greave and separate lower greaves for freedom of movement. The entire harness of armour is available in a wide variety of colors. Includes all Straps and Buckles. And you have a choice of either 13-15oz Armour grade leather or 8-10oz lighter LARP leather. The complete harness includes:

· Large Scale pauldrons
· Upper and lower cannons (arms)
· Couter (elbow)
· Leather Cuirass (breast & back plates, and tassets)
· Full Leather leg armour with Greaves

Armour Measurements 2A through 4G

Leather Color Samples

(gorget no longer available)

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