Leather Barbuta 15th Century Helmet BTS-4030

Leather Barbuta Helmet BTS-4030

Our Leather Barbuta Helmet dates from the 15th century. This Leather Barbuta Helmet shows a strong resemblance to the much older Corinthian helms. Originating in Italy, the Barbuta Helmet saw widespread use throughout Europe.
This version of the Leather Barbuta Helmet is made of 13-15oz hardened leather plates riveted together. The open face makes the Leather Barbuta Helmet perfect for LARP events, Ren - Wear or Stage use.

· 13-15oz construction
· Trim available in colors
· Made in the USA

One Size fits most
APP. WEIGHT: Under 2 lbs.

Leather Color Samples
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Base Price: $335.00 Customized Price: $335.00
  • Black
  • Saddle Tan