Cinquedea Venetian Sword AH-4110

Cinquedea Venetian Sword

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Named for its five finger blade width, the Cinquedea was one of the most radical designs to emerge out of the Italian Renaissance. It was the contemporary of the Anelace, or "ox tongue" dagger, and was most likely developed first, both being proceeded by the Coustile. The Cinquedea blade varied greatly in length being anywhere from 10" to 28" long. This beautiful example of the sword hilted type has highly polished decorative brass pommel and guard with a real bone grip. The well-tempered high carbon steel blade, with its three deep fullers, is long enough to defend against a sword and comes to a keen tip for thrusting. It was often carried in place of a dagger or full size sword, worn at an angle at the small of the back. The Cinquedea Venetian Sword has a multi fullered blade. Overall is 25" with Scabbard
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