Large Fairy Moon Leather Blank Book

Large Fairy Moon Leather Blank Book 45-BBBCF710

Product Description

Our Large Fairy Moon Leather Blank Book is a large book perfect for creating your journal, book of shadows, or sketch book, the Large Fairy Moon leather blank book features the hand-tooled image of a fairy, sitting within the crescent of the moon as though it were a great swing. With her robes trailing down from the moon and her lithesome form, and her wings spread wide behind her against the backdrop of the moon, the image is one that cannot help but to inspire you in your exploration of mysticism and the fairy spirits that surround us. The pages within are acid free, and made entirely of recycled biomass. The result is approximately 250 pages of sturdy paper that is well suited for accepting pencil, ink, and even light washes or paints to make the perfect sketch book, book of shadows, or journal. 

The book measures 7" by 10", closure may vary. Shown is the tie closure, also comes in a secure double latch closure.

Price: $44.95
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