Russian Shashka Sword AH-3296

Russian Shashka Sword

Product Description

The Russian Shashka is the legendary Russian sabre of the Cossack Warrior. The Shashka is a special kind of sabre; a factory edge blade.  In it's appearance, the shashka was half-way between a full sabre and a straight sword. It had a slightly curved blade, and could be effective for both slashing and thrusting. The blade was either hollowed or fullered. There was no guard, but a large, curved pommel. The hilt was often highly decorated. It was carried in a wooden scabbard that enclosed part of the hilt. Unlike the traditional sabre it was worn with the cutting edge to the rear.  There are no markings on the blade.
Era:Pirate-Era Thru Early 19th cen.SKU#:AH-3296MSRP:$175.00
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