US 1QT Military Canteen Cover 10-6004U

US 1QT Military Canteen Cover

Product Description

Our US 1QT Military Canteen Cover is a Genuine Military Issue nylon canteen cover for the standard 1 quart military canteen. The US 1QT Military Canteen Cover  has an olive drab nylon outer layer, is stamped US and comes with an insulated liner. Two Lift the Dot fasteners attach the flaps to the front of the canteen cover, holding the 1qt military canteen securely inside.  Fits standard U.S. Military Issue 1 qt. Canteens - not included.

* Genuine Military Issue
* Olive Drab Nylon
* 2 Button Snap closure
* Fits standard Military 1 qt. canteens
Price: $5.99