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300 Spartan Ensemble Licensed Replica 26-881014


Product Description

Our 300 Spartan Ensemble Licensed Replica is fully licensed Spartan Ensemble from Frank Miller’s 300.

Outfit Includes:
300 Spartan Cape
300 Spartan Shield
300 Spartan Briefs
300 Spartan Spearhead and Buttcap
300 Spartan 84" Pole
300 Spartan Sword, Scabbard and Baldric
Your Choice of Helmets: 300 Spartan Leonidas or Infantry
300 Spartan Wolf's Tooth Necklace
300 Spartan Round or Rectangular Brooch
300 Spartan Greaves
300 Spartan Bracers
300 Spartan Sandals
Leonidas' Leather Chest and back straps!!

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100958 Sandal Size
Choose Helmet
Choose Brooch
881007 Choose Briefs Size
881005 Spartan Bracers
881006 300 Greaves
881009 Wolf's Tooth Necklace
881004 Spartan Shield
881011 Spartan Spear and buttcap with pole
Spartan shoulder straps
881001 Spartan Cape
881010 Choose Sword Edge
Base Price: $1,888.15
Customized Price: $1,888.15

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  • 881003 Leonidas Helmet
  • Round Brooch
  • S/M
  • Yes, I want the bracers
  • Yes, I want the greaves
  • Yes, I want the necklace
  • Yes, I want the shield
  • Yes I want the Spear
  • Yes, I want the straps
  • Yes, I want the cape
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