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Back Slings for Swords

Leather Sword Back Slings - You've seen it in movie epics and in books. An easy way to carry and more importantly, draw your Sword while it's on your back.

Great Sword Back Sling 48-2242

Great Sword Back Sling
The baldric was a favorite way to wear a sword since biblical times, the use of the baldric continued into the 17th century. The European Baldric fits any period from Roman to Viking to Renaissance.  Comes in a variety of colors with round brass buckle, right or left handed.
Price: $120.00

Two-Hand Broad Sword Back Sling BTS-2241

Two-Hand Medieval Broad Sword Leather Back Sling BTS-2241
These Two-Hand Broad Sword Back Slings are an excellent and comfortable way to wear your double hand swords. Each one is made from 7/8 Oz leather and plenty of heavy-duty rivets and rings. This is a very sturdy and durable piece.
Price: $49.99