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Celtic Helms

Celtic Helmets

The Celtic helmet design had a great influence on Roman armorers. Celtic Helmets were not issued as with the Roman army. A Celtic warrior had a helmet only if he bought one, or claimed one from the battlefield.


Our collection of Celtic Helms include Celtic Montefortino, Agen and Port type helmets. Perfect for collectors or Roman / Celtic Re-enactment Groups.

Celtic Helm

Celtic Helm AH-6100
This Celtic Helm with three ring embossed, hinged cheek pieces is made from 18 gauge steel. The knob at the peak is for holding a crest (not included).
Price: $150.00

Celtic Helm Agen Type AH-6099

Celtic Helm Agen Type AH-6099
Celtic Helm, Agen Type, with shaped hinged cheek pieces. This Celtic Helmet has a knob at the peak for holding crests.
Price: $150.00

Celtic Montefortino Helmet AH-6318N

Celtic Montefortino Helmet AH-6318N
The Celtic Montefortino Helmet, named for a Celtic burial ground in Italy the Celtic Montefortino helmet dates from the 5th century BC. Our version is made from Steel with cheek plates.
Price: $175.00
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