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Daggers Page 2

Medieval, Renaissance and Fantasy Dagger Page 2

Medieval daggers are the perfect companion to the Medieval sword. We have great traditional styled Medieval daggers. We have the Imperial Dagger, Lion, Eagle, Fire and Wave Dagger. Also the Stiletto, Scissor and bodice Dagger. These Daggers all have pointed ends. Use with caution.

Renaissance Dagger

Renaissance Dagger
This 17th century Renaissance Dagger, believed to be of Italian origin, is beautifully crafted and decorated. A chiseled pommel and guard compliment the wire-wrapped grip with its turk's-head knots.
Price: $160.00

Rondel Dagger Hanwei

Rondel Dagger Hanwei Functional and Battle Ready SH2459
Our Rondel Dagger is a sidearm of the late middle ages. Carried by tradesmen to fully-armoured knights, the Rondel enjoyed a long service life. functional T-section blade is edged in 5160 high-carbon steel.
Price: $160.00

Stiletto 17th Century

Stiletto 17th Century SH1221
The Stiletto replicates a late 17th century piece. Designed as a thrusting weapon, the stiletto was widespread when upper-class civilian dress often incorporated mail or leather body armor. Triangular blade and buffalo horn grip.
Regular Price: $145.00
On Sale For: $115.00
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