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Leather Armor

In our efforts to bring you the best assortment of re-enactment items, at reasonable prices, we are pleased to offer you our line of Leather Armor! We give you a choice of either 13-15oz Armor grade leather or lighter weight 8-10oz LARP grade quality leather and, with the exception of helms, meets SCA and LARP standards. Most of our Leather Armor is made to your measurements. 

Custom orders are available!

Sample Colors

Full Leather Harness of Armour

Leather Suit of Armor - SCA Leather Armor
Full Leather Harness of Armour - Full Body Protection from Head to Toe. 15th Century Italian Leather Armor and SCA Leather Armor.

Leather Arm Armor

Leather Arm Armor and Shoulder Protection
Leather Arm Armour - Leather Arm and Shoulder Protection. Full Arms, Half Arms, Three Quarter Arms, Leather Pauldrons, Leather Elbows and Steel Elbows.


Leather Arm Bracers

Leather Arm Bracers
Leather Arm Bracers - Forearm Protection From Armour Grade Quality leather.


Leather Body Armour

Leather Body Armour
Leather Body Armour - Chest and Back Protection, 15th century Leather Cuirass, Leather Roman Segmentata, SCA armor and Brigandines.


Leather Female Armour

Medieval Female Leather Armor
Female Leather Fantasy and Re-enactment Armour.


Leather Gauntlets

Leather Gauntlets
Leather Hand Armour - High Quality Leather Armour, Suitable for SCA fighting. Armour Grade Leather Gauntlets.

Leather Helms

Leather Helms
Leather Helmets - Quality Leather Helms For Faires LARP (Live Action Role Playing) events.

Leather LARP Arm Bracers

Leather LARP Arm Bracers
Our leather arm bracers are designed to protect the wrist and forearms, while our leather wrist bracers protect only the wrist area. 

Leather LARP Fantasy Armour

Leather Medieval Fantasy Armor
We offer various types of fantasy leather body armour for the LRP, LARP re-enactor as well as Medieval or Renaissance events.


Leather Leg Armour

Leather Leg Armor - Leather Leg Protection.
Leather Leg Armor - Leather Leg Protection. Full Legs, Three Quarter Legs, Leather Greaves and Sabatons, Leather Knees and Steel Knees.

Leather Neck Armour - Gorgets

Medieval Leather Neck Armor, Leather Neck Protection
Leather Neck Armor - Leather Neck Protection. High Quality Leather Armour, Suitable for SCA Fighting. Leather Gorgets and Leather Bevors.
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