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All of Windlass Swords

Windlass Steelcrafts forges their swords from a high quality, high carbon steel, tempered with the latest, most technologically advanced heat treating process available. The Rockwell Hardness on Windlass swords is 45-55 for carbon steel blades and 40-45 for Damascus blades. More than 5 decades of experience plus a desire to be the best give them a unique opportunity to combine the best of old world craftsmanship with modern production techniques. Because of this, they are one of the largest suppliers of swords to the U.S. Marine Corps.

15th Century Longsword

15th Century Longsword 500800
The 15th Century Longsword, often called a hand-and-half, saw a great deal of service as a weapon of war, but was also employed a great deal as a civilian weapon of self- defense.
Price: $303.00

17th Century Italian Rapier

17th Century Italian Rapier 26-501227
Our 17th Century Italian Rapier is a beautifully executed 17th Century rapier with a very complex hilt and faceted pommel.
Price: $365.00

1840 NCO Sword

1840 NCO Sword 500350
The 1840 NCO Sword was carried by American soldiers for over 70 years.
Price: $135.00

1860 Light Cavalry Saber

1860 Light Cavalry Saber 500618
The 1860 Light Cavalry Saber has hand forged blades that are British military spec steel that will flex and return to true.
Price: $144.00

300 Spartan Sword Licensed Replica

300 Spartan Sword Licensed Replica 26-881010
Our 300 Spartan Sword Licensed Replica is a fully licensed Spartan Sword from Frank Miller’s 300, just as he drew, and envisioned it to be.
Price: $250.00

Airship Captain’s Katana

Airship Captain’s Katana 26-501393
Protecting the skies from airship pirates is a dangerous job…but not with a good sword by your side. This wondrous Airship Captain’s Katana is a marvel to behold! Measuring almost 39” in overall length, the katana blade is made of forged, carbon steel.
Price: $253.00

American Revolution Saber

American Revolution Saber 500872
The American Colonists were, like most of Europe, amorous of the dashing French Hussar. The handmade hilt of this American Revolution Saber sword reflects their admiration of the 1700's French style.
Price: $197.00

Battle Ready Munich Sword

Munich Sword 501144
This Battle Ready Munich Sword is from a different private and public collections (Wallace Collection and Bavarian National Museum). A German Military Cut-and-Thrust Swept Hilt was carried by the Munich Town Guard. Tempered 1095 high carbon steel blade.
Price: $336.00

Brass Basket-hilt Claymore Sword

Brass Basket-hilt Claymore Sword 500922
This Brass Basket-hilt Claymore Sword is the equal to any raised by clansmen as they overran the English at the Battle of Falkirk on Jan. 17th, 1746.
Price: $360.00

Captain Jack Sword

Captain Jack Sword 500968
Our Captain Jack Sword with its high carbon steel, fully tempered, full tang, is a battle worthy pirate hanger.
Price: $228.00

Celtic Short Sword

Celtic Short Sword 26-501431
Our Celtic Short Sword is the perfect compliment to the Celtic Battle Sword and was inspired from the actual prop seen in the Roman epic The Eagle.  Solid anthropomorphic metal, hand forged, Can be sharpened.
Price: $210.00

Centurion Gladius Roman Sword

Centurion Gladius Roman Sword 26-501430
This beautiful Roman Centurion Gladius comes with a hand forged, tempered high carbon steel blade. This Gladius is truly worthy of a Roman Centurion. The antiqued parts are meticulously hand finished from solid wood.
Price: $315.00

Classic Hoplite Sword

Classic Hoplite Sword 500734
This Classic Hoplite Sword has the leaf shaped blade that was quite popular throughout the ancient world and is based on many illustrations and excavated examples.
Price: $210.00

Classic Medieval Sword

Classic Medieval Sword 500020
This sword is an Oakeshott Type X with a Type I pommel and a Type VII crossguard. The long and wide fuller on this blade lightens the overall sword and make it possible to deliver fast and shearing cuts.
Price: $258.00

Cobra Steel Kopis

Cobra Steel Kopis
This Cobra Steel sword is based on the ancient Greek Kopis. Like the old sword, it has tremendous chopping power.  However the point aligns perfectly with the wrist for a thrust, which makes this a good fighting pattern as well.
Price: $77.95

Confederate Cavalry Officers Saber

Confederate Cavalry Officers Saber 500050
Confederate Cavalry Officer s Saber this saber is just like the old one carried by General Jo Shelby, the Missouri cavalry raider who never surrendered his command.
Price: $186.00

Confederate Cavalry Saber

Confederate Cavalry Saber 500646
Our Confederate Cavalry Saber is an authentic, hand made replica and has a flexible, ornate blade and leather grip wrapped with brass wire. Of all the Confederate swords and sabers, this was the one used most.
Price: $192.00

Confederate Staff and Field Officers Sword

Confederate Staff and Field Officers Sword 500006
Authentic, hand made replicas of the Confederate Staff and Field Officers Sword have flexible, ornate blades and leather grips wrapped with brass wire.
Price: $198.00

Damascus Viking Sword

Damascus Viking Sword 500262
This Damascus Viking Sword is a true fighting sword, and one that any Viking would be proud to carry in battle.
Price: $585.00

Elven Short Sword

Elven Short Sword 26-501394
An absolutely magical Elven Short Sword can easily see in an Elven warriors or adventurers hand.  Made of the highest grade stainless steel in Toledo, Spain with highly detailed solid metal parts. 
Price: $78.00

European Sword

European Sword 26-500664
This European Sword is a beautifully balanced, this is the type of weapon that the tough, hard bitten professional fighting man of his day would have chosen. It is simply a no-nonsense sword that can perfectly perform its one purpose.
Price: $250.00

Falcata Sword

Falcata Sword 500062
The Celt-Iberians of Roman times were justly famed for their weapons, such as the Falcata sword, one of the most devastating swords ever made!
Price: $276.00

Falchion Medieval Sword

Falchion Medieval Sword 500204
Although the Falchion Medieval Sword has a prevalence in Medieval art testifies to its popularity, very few original Falchion Medieval Swords still exist. This rarity of surviving specimens may be more proof of its popularity.
Price: $266.00

General Themistokles Sword

General Themistokles Sword 26-881017
Our General Themistokles Sword is bronzed in appearance, with a subtle leaf-shaped blade that tapers to a fine thrusting point. The hilt resembles a ridged column, while the pommel is composed of two swirled lobes. 
Price: $253.00

George Patton Sword

George Patton Sword 500530
The Patton Sword designed by George Patton in the 1910s (when he was still just a Lieutenant!), this finely crafted sword was commonly attached to a trooper s saddle.
Price: $228.00

German Bastard Sword

German Bastard Sword 26-500792
This German Bastard Sword is a replica of number A477 from the famed Wallace Collection. Primarily a cutting sword, with a wide blade that has a flattened oval cross section that gives very little resistance in a cutting blow.
Price: $275.00

Heavy Cavalry Saber

Heavy Cavalry Saber 26-501150
This Heavy Cavalry Saber has a 1065 high carbon steel blade with full tang and is well tempered. An authentic replica of the highest caliber.
Price: $194.95

Heron Mark Sword

Heron Mark Sword 500058
The Heron Mark Sword is a sign that the sword was made by a blade master. Such swords are awarded only to he who has proven that he has the highest possible skill with a sword.
Price: $348.00

Hero's Warsword

Hero's Warsword 26-501228
This massive Hero's Warsword is like one held by the Bruce clan which they assert belonged to Robert the Bruce himself. It is certainly the correct type for that age when knights wore mail, barrel helms and some small pieces of plate, just as the Bruce did.
Price: $377.00

Hungarian Saber

Hungarian Saber 26-501084
Standing in Eastern Europe, this Hungarian Saber was often warring with both the west and east. Though a western type feudal state, they were also alternately allied and at war with Byzantium too.
Price: $225.00

Leuterit Sword

Leuterit Sword 500806
The British Museum has many fine Viking swords, but one of the most beautiful and deadly is the "Leuterit" sword.
Price: $315.00

Masonic Knights Templar Sword

Masonic Knights Templar Sword 500214
This Masonic Knights Templar sword is exactingly reproduced from originals and is one of the most beautiful.  Intricately carved, solid metal fittings plated in rich 24K gold and red enamel inlay.
Price: $461.00

Medieval Battle Ready Sword

Medieval Battle Ready Sword 500484-S
This Medieval Battle Ready Sword  is light, fast and flexible. Capable of delivering quick, shearing blows. Designed to oppose mail, this type of sword was raised in anger at all the battlefields of Europe from about 1050-1250.
Regular Price: $225.00
On Sale For: $199.00

Medieval Blacksword

Medieval Blacksword 26-501176
Forged by the dark elves in ages beyond counting, the sword was held by the wood elves for hundreds of years until it was gifted to a man known by many names, but called “Medieval Blacksword” thereafter.
Price: $299.00

Migration Period Sword

Migration Period Sword 26-501389
During the so-called Dark Ages, there were many advances in metallurgy and better swords, like this Migration Period Sword, were produced. Based on a 7th Century design, this slashing sword was a favorite. 
Price: $459.95

Model 1850 Staff and Field Officers Sword

Model 1850 Staff and Field Officers Sword 500124
This fine reproduction saber is a faithful copy of ones used. The hand forged blade is British military spec steel that will flex over 20° and return to true.
Price: $218.00

Model 1860 Cavalry Officers Saber

Model 1860 Cavalry Officers Saber 500188
Hand forged blades on these Model 1860 Cavalry Officers Sabers are British military spec steel that will flex and return to true.
Price: $208.00

Musketeer Rapier

Musketeer Rapier 500784
The basket of this Musketeer Rapiers hilt is ambidextrous and a very effective mix of both the cup-hilt and swept-hilt style.
Price: $318.00

Musketeers Main Gauche

Musketeers Main Gauche 401348
Carried at the back for a left hand draw, the Musketeers Main Gauche was often brought into play with the rapier for a two handed fighting style.
Price: $180.00

Nashville Plow Works Cavalry Saber

Nashville Plow Works Cavalry Saber 26-501152
This fine Nashville Plow Works Cavalry Saber has a 1065 high carbon steel blade with full tang and is well tempered. Grip is black leather wrapped and twisted brass wire. A rare chance to own a unique piece of US wartime history.
Price: $219.95

Oakeshott Type XIV Sword

Oakeshott Type XIV Sword 26-500972
Our Oakeshott Type XIV Sword is a medieval arming, or short sword that features a blade that swells slightly at the top to put more weight in the hand to improve its cut and thrust capabilities, making for a very fast sword.
Price: $298.00

Oakeshott Type XVIII Sword w/ Sword Belt

Oakeshott Type XVIII Sword w/ Sword Belt 26-501214
This German Bastard Sword also know as Oakeshott Type XVIII Sword with Sword Belt has steel parts with an etched pattern on the classic wheel pommel. The grip is wood with raised bands and wrapped wrapped in a rich brown leather as is the matching ornate scabbard and included sword belt.
Price: $470.00

Pilsen Rapier

Pilsen Rapier 501175
Rare German Pilsen Rapier is from an old catalog of antique weapons. Hilt shows design aspects of some larger swords, but the knot shaped basket is very unusual. Sword is light, quick and balances in the hand nicely. Tempered blade.
Price: $360.00

Raptor Sword

Raptor Sword 26-501090
Our Raptor Sword is a fantasy sword for the fierce prehistoric predator. The pommel is in the form of its deadly claw, but of course, the long curving blade is the real force of this beast.
Price: $275.00

Riptide Percy Jackson Sword

Riptide Percy Jackson Sword 26-889600
From Sea of Monsters, Riptide is the prized sword of Percy Jackson.  Riptide Percy Jackson Sword draws its amazing power from the ocean, which is why it works only for children of Poseidon.
Regular Price: $245.00
On Sale For: $225.00

Roman Eagle Gladius Sword

Roman Eagle Gladius Sword 501429
Our Roman Eagle Gladius sword has been replicated directly from the actual hero prop used in the Roman epic The Eagle. Hand Forged and Tempered high carbon steel blade with custom wood scabbard wrapped in leather and accented.
Price: $315.00

Roman Gladius Maintz Pattern Sword

Roman Gladius Maintz Pattern Sword 500360
Our Roman Gladius Maintz Pattern sword has a genuine bone handle and ornate brass applique on the scabbard. CIRCA 100.
Price: $265.00

Roman Pompeii Gladius Sword

Roman Pompeii Gladius Sword 500598
With this Pompeii Gladius Sword the Roman Army's approach to warfare was direct and pragmatic. It chose the Gladius as its principal sidearm because it was practical, efficient and excelled in any close combat.
Price: $246.00

Scimitar Sword

Scimitar Sword 500822
The original scimitar sword was called a shamshir, (which meant "lion's tail") and had a deeply curved blade that was almost a half circle. Developed in Persia, this type of blade was effective for draw cuts.
Price: $300.00

Scottish Basket-Hilt Claymore Sword

Basket-Hilt Claymore Scottish Sword 500358-BR
With its pierced brass basket-hilt and dashing red liner, the Scottish Basket-hilt sword is one of the most heroic swords ever made.
Price: $64.00

Scottish Cutlass Sword

Scottish Cutlass Sword 500920
The crashing of waves, the roar of cannons, the shout of sea rogues through the foreboding mist - this new Scottish Cutlass Sword can't help but unleash adventurous images. Scottish born Capt. William Kidd, we're sure, would have favored this sword.
Price: $276.00

Spartan Lakonia Short Sword

Spartan Lakonia Short Sword 401178
The Spartan Lakonia Short Sword is a potent weapon that would be superb in the brutality of ancient hand-to-hand combat.
Price: $192.00

Sticklestad Viking Sword

Sticklestad Viking Sword 500670
The Battle of Sticklestad was the final battle of St. Olaf. This was warfare in the old school, with two hosts meeting face-to-face and sword-to-sword. It was a brutal, bloody and deadly fight.
Price: $306.00

Swedish Viking Sword

Swedish Viking Sword 26-501054
Our Swedish Viking Sword is a beautiful and unique sword that was unearthed in Sweden and can be seen in Cultural Atlas Of The Viking World, as well as other publications.
Price: $329.99

Sword of Calisto

Sword of Calisto 26-881020
Sword of Calisto possessed of an old Grecian design, this sword features a leaf-shaped blade. The blade of the sword is wider near the tip, yet still sharply tapered to a fine point, and is hand forged with high carbon steel.
Price: $250.00

Sword of Homildon Hill

Sword of Homildon Hill 26-501239
The History of our Sword of Homildon Hill was during the English-Scottish Wars, the King of England was preoccupied with the Hundred Years’ War in France.  The border defense thereby fell largely to the Percy Family of North Umberland.
Price: $335.00

Sword of Roven

Sword of Roven 500794
Despite having several names; War Sword, Great Sword, Long Sword and even Two-Hand Sword, the large sword was quite a popular weapon. This sword has great length giving it both reach and power.
Price: $303.00

Sword of St. Maurice

Sword of St. Maurice 26-501395
Our Sword of St. Maurice is a Saint Maurice of the all Christian Theban Legion is seen as the patron Saint of armies, soldiers, the Swiss Guard, arms makers, sword smiths, and almost anyone who carries a weapon.
Price: $413.00

Sword of the Viking King

Sword of the Viking King 26-501168
The Sword of the Viking King is when the Vikings exploded out of the north to raid and settle most of the known world. They also warred among themselves and it was not unusual for kings to lead and engage in combat themselves. 
Price: $377.00

The Accolade Sword of the Knights Templar

The Accolade Sword of the Knights Templar 26-502356
The Accolade Sword of the Knights Templar would have been a sword worthy of the Grand Master to knight a loyal member into this holy order.
Price: $468.00

The Atlantean Sword

The Atlantean Sword 26-884016
Our Conan the Barbarian Atlantean Sword by Marto is a faithful and exclusive reproduction.
Price: $375.00

Three Ringed Rapier

Three Ringed Rapier 500862
With its graceful, artistic lines, the Three Ringed Rapier has always been a romantic symbol of the Renaissance.
Price: $336.00

Tokugaw Katana

Tokugaw Katana 500672-S
The Tokugaw Katana are superb reproductions of the style favored in the 17th C after the establishment of the Tokugawa Shogunate. They have real temper lines. These swords are retired and will not be made again.
Regular Price: $599.95
On Sale For: $450.00

US 1906 Cavalry Saber

US 1906 Cavalry Saber 26-501392
US 1906 Cavalry Saber has been reproduced in honor of the US Cavalry Assoc. under their guidance. High carbon steel blade hand forged, full tang, tempered plus unique double fuller famous for strength.
Price: $323.95

US Air Force Officer's Sword

US Air Force Officer's Sword 500586
US Air Force Officer's Sword is a polished stainless steel blade with detailed and etched according to government specs. Includes the government specified scabbard.
Price: $318.00

US Army Officer's Sword

US Army Officer's Sword 500656
US Army Officer's Sword, polished stainless steel blade, detailed and etched according to government specs. Includes the government specified scabbard.
Price: $360.00

US Coast Guard Officer's Saber

US Coast Guard Officer's Saber 500230
Our US Coast Guard Officer's Saber blades are high polished stainless steel, detailed and appropriately etched according to government specifications.
Price: $488.00

US Marine Corps NCO Saber Sword

US Marine Corps NCO Saber Sword 500430
The US Marine Corps NCO Saber Swiord comes with authentic natural bone grip (no two will be alike). Please specify blade length 28", 30", 32" or 34". Includes the government specified scabbard.
Price: $450.00

US Marine Corps Officers Saber Sword

US Marine Corps Officers Saber 500366
The US Marine Corps Officers Saber Sword comes with authentic natural bone grip (no two will be alike). Please specify blade length 28", 30", 32" or 34". Includes the government specified scabbard.
Price: $525.00

US Naval Cutlass 1860

US Naval Cutlass 1860  500152
The US Naval Cutlass 1860 has a Hand forged high carbon steel blade and comes with scabbard. U. S. 1860 reproduced for your Civil War armory!
Price: $232.00

US Navy Officers Saber

US Navy Officers Saber 500298
High polished stainless steel, the US Navy Officers Saber is detailed and appropriately etched according to government specifications.
Price: $481.00

Viking Ulfberht Sword

Viking Ulfberht Sword 26-500864
Copied from a sword shown in Ian Pierce’s book Swords of the Viking Age. An old legend has it that a Nordic smith named Ulfberht developed the first all steel blade.
Price: $270.00

West Point Cadet Officers Sword

West Point Cadet Officers Sword 500506
The West Point Cadet Officers Sword is high polished stainless steel, detailed and appropriately etched according to government specifications.
Price: $294.00