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Kid's Bodices, Skirts & Chemises, Dresses

In this section of Kide we are proud to present to our line of children clothing. We have popular styles from the adult medieval clothing line made for kids.  Our children clothing includes Children Chemise, Kids Bodice, Child Gown, Renaissance shirts, Kids Medieval Dresses, Medieval Capes, Medieval Cloaks, Medieval tops, Bloomers and much more. Our medieval children clothing line includes both boy and girl products. Our Childrens Medieval Clothing is great for going to the Renaissance Fair, Costume Parties, Halloween or any occassion that calls for fun.

Celtic Chemise For Children

Celtic Chemise For Children 100798
This all purpose chemise has extra long sleeves, which are adjustable by gathering the drawstring and tying them at the shoulder, allowing for a number of different styles.
Price: $57.69

Childs Briana Mediaval Gown

Childs Briana Mediaval Gown  TT-114
The Childs Briana Mediaval Gown is the Childs version of our Briana Irish Gown. Adorned with striking medieval design gold Embroidered Trim and laced up with a striking gold ribbon. This wonderful Gown is made from cotton fabric.
Regular Price: $89.00
On Sale For: $65.00

Childs Celtic Chemise

Childs Celtic Chemise TT-105
The Child’s version of the popular Celtic Chemise. Made of cotton with long sleeves, Embroidered Trim and Drawstring neckline. This Chemise looks great with any of our Children’s Dresses and a Child’s Burlet.
Price: $65.00

Child's Classic Renaissance Shirt

Child's Classic Renaissance Shirt VL-CCREN
The Child's Classic Renaissance Shirt is made of 100% cotton which is soft next to the touch. We love this rainbow of colors! Full sleeves, tuxedo collar, and tie at the wrists and collar.
Price: $50.00

Childs Cotton Medieval Bloomers

Childs Cotton Medieval Bloomers TT-110
Our Childs Cotton Medieval Bloomers are just like our adult sized Bloomers. Comfy cotton muslin keeps your little girl cool at faire. Perfect for Renaissance or Pirate outfits.
Price: $42.00

Child's Cotton Sash

Child's Cotton Sash VL-CCSASH
Our Child's Cotton Sash is one of the best accessories for kids of all ages!! Wrap it around your head, your waist, or tie to your arm to hold slashed sleeves out of the way.
Price: $13.50

Child's Crop Top

Child's Crop Top VL-CCTOP
Our Child's Crop Top is made of cotton, ten colors to Choose from, and is cooler than a traditional chemise for your young faire-goer.
Price: $29.00

Child's Irish Dress

Child's Irish Dress VL-CIRISHD
Our Child's Irish Dress is perfect for the lass on hot days. Bodice area reversible to black. Wear with your favorite chemise and a brightly-colored Gathered Skirt.
Price: $80.00

Child's Jeweled Bodice VL-CJBOD

Child's Jeweled Bodice VL-CJBOD
Our Child's Jeweled Bodice features jewels for the girls to show off anywhere.Bodice is lined in twill, and laces up the back. Wear with our gathered skirt or with hosen and boots. Machine wash, tumble dry.
Price: $105.00

Childs Lacey Bloomers TT-108

Childs Lacey Bloomers TT-108
Our Childs Lacey Bloomers are just like our adult sized Lacey Bloomers. Comfy cotton muslin keeps your little girl cool at faire. Perfect for Renaissance or Pirate outfits.
Price: $52.00

Childs Lacey Chemise TT-107

Childs Lacey Chemise
Child's Lacey Chemise is just like our adult sized Chemise. Build your Renaissance, Medieval or Pirate outfit around this chemise, you know girls make the best pirates around!
Price: $70.00

Child's Lock Lace Bodice VL-CLLBOD

Child's Lock Lace Bodice VL-CLLBOD
Our Child's Lock Lace Bodice features lacing the grommets up the back sides and front allows for custom fitting. Made of our durable cotton twill and trimmed in gold gimp, our bodice is engineered to last for years.
Price: $70.00

Child's Medieval Chemise

Child's Medieval Chemise VL-CCHEMISE
Our Child's Medieval Chemise is made of 100% cotton and machine washable, this chemise with a drawstring neckline has very full and long sleeves with subtle elastic cuffs. One size fits all. Recommended for wear with all our items.
Price: $37.00

Child's Medieval Gathered Skirt

Child's Medieval Gathered Skirt VL-CSKIRT
The Child's Medieval Gathered Skirt are made of soft cotton that mimics the weave of linen without the expense.
Price: $39.00

Childs Pleasant Peasant Dress TT-106

Childs Pleasant Peasant Dress TT-106
Childs Pleasant Peasant Dress - Kids version of our Peasant Dress. Made from durable, easy to care for poly/cotton blend. Includes a waist girdle, the sleeves have elastic.
Price: $69.00

Childs Renaissance Overskirt TT-117

Childs Renaissance Overskirt TT-117
The Childs Renaissance Overskirt is an attractive and comfortable easy fit Childs Renaissance Skirt. Elastic waist, variety of colors, to match all your Medieval or Renaissance Outfits. Attached Ribbons to adjust the bottom length.
Price: $44.00

Childs Satin Chemise TT-115

Childs Satin Chemise TT-115
lovely Childs Satin Chemise is very pretty, and looks wonderful with so many of our Medieval or Renaissance Outfits. Designed for our Childs Briana Gown but would look good with any Irish Dress or Skirt and Bodice. Trimmed with lace.
Price: $63.00

Childs Tapestry Bodice TT-116

Childs Tapestry Bodice TT-116
Childs Tapestry Bodice is adjustable for comfortable fit and great looks. The Childs Bodice, is lined with cotton fabric and lightly boned for durability and shape. Wear with Chemise, Bloomers and Skirt for a Renaissance Faire Outfit.
Price: $63.00

Child's Twill Cloak

Child's Twill Cloak VL-CTWILL
Our Child's Twill Cloak features a double layer of cotton twill acts as wool to keep in the heat while letting out the body's moisture.
Price: $99.00

Fair Childs Dress TT-101

Fair Childs Dress TT-101
This childrens dress matches our grown-up Fair Maidens Dress (#100510)
Price: $73.00

Girls Maiden Chemise

Girls Maiden Chemise  26-101572
Designed for children, our Maiden's Chemise is a light, airy under garment made of muslin that can be worn alone or with a decorative overdress like our Girls Maiden Dress with Matching Burlet Circlet. One size in natural color.
Price: $43.50

Girls Maiden Dress with Matching Burlet Circlet

Girls Maiden Dress with Matching Burlet Circlet 26-101570
Designed for children, this Girls Maiden Dress with Matching Burlet Circlet is styled from a Medieval Overdress and Overdress is the perfect Ren Faire gown for any lass or lady in waiting. Available in medium and large.
Price: $99.00

Kids Lace-Up Dress KS-260

Kids Lace-Up Dress KS-260
Designed to match our Adult Lace-Up Dress and made with same great quality. Poly cotton blend lace-up dress with open front pleated skirt and ties at shoulder. Bodice is boned at the center front.
Price: $110.00

Kids Long Chemise

Kids Long Chemise KS-212
Our Kids Long Chemise is made just like our adult chemise from Cotton with Elastic wrists and Ribbon tie.
Price: $44.00

Kids Long Gathered Medieval Skirt

Kids Long Gathered Medieval Skirt KS-250
Our Kids Long Gathered Medieval Skirt is a full Skirt made of washable Poly blend.  Kids love it and it is very comfortable to wear.  Check out the Chemise to go along with it.
Price: $38.00

Kids Medieval Burlet CG-04C

Kids Medieval Burlet CG-04C at By The Sword Inc
This simple Kids Medieval Burlet (head roll) is a padded circle worn on the head to hold a veil.
Price: $24.00

Kids Medieval Dress KS-44C

Kids Medieval Dress KS-44C
A long Kids Medieval Dress with flattering scooped neckline and long hanging sleeves.
Price: $48.00

Kids Renaissance Bodice

Kids Renaissance Bodice KS-230
Fully lined Kids Renaissance Bodice, boned center front ties in the front.
Price: $44.00

Medieval Girls Dress TT-104

Medieval Girls Dress TT-104
Medieval Girl’s Dress lets your young lady attend the faire in style. 15th century design medieval dress of 100% cotton printed fabric is trimmed with gold. Princess seaming and lacing makes fitting easy. Includes arm bands and Optional Matching Headband
Price: $125.00

Medieval Kids Short Cotton Chemise

Medieval Kids Short Cotton Chemise KS-210
Our Medieval Kids Short Cotton Chemise is made just like our adult chemise from Cotton. Available in white, natural and black.
Price: $30.00

Queen Guinevere Children's Gown

Queen Guinevere Children's Gown 26-101587
Designed for children, this elegant Queen Guinevere gown is made in a rich burgundy colored velvet cotton with satin lining for your young royal lady.
Price: $117.00

Wool Cloak VL-CWOOLC

Child's Wool Cloak VL-CWOOLC
Our Wool Cloak is made of wool with a broadcloth lining for comfort. This cloak is sure to keep you warm.
Price: $190.00

Youth Red Fleur-de-lis Dress

Fleur-de-lis Red Dress For Children 100800
Modeled after a 16th century dress, this full poly/cotton Fleur-de-lis dress is the epitome of elegance.
Price: $53.19
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