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Renaissance Hats and Caps

We have many styles of Medieval, Renaissance or Celtic Hats. Surely you will find the perfect renaissance hat to add to your renaissance, faire or LARP wardrobe. We have Cavalier Hats, Muffin Hats, Flemish Pill Hat, Floppy Hat, Snoods, Tudor French Hood, Renaissance Caps, Plumed Musketeer Hats, later period Bicorn Hats, Pirate Tricorn Hats, Slouch Caps and much more. Most of our Renaissance hats you can select the size, color and even the fabric. So have a look at our renaissance hat select and pick out the right hat for the Renaissance faire.

Adjustable Golden Circlet

Adjustable Golden Circlet 110130
You'll fit in with fairy tale royalty with this antiqued gold circlet crown. The intricate detail of the golden twist design with tear drop faux onyx accent is fit for royalty of any degree.
Price: $14.95

Aiel Shoufa Turban And Veil

Aiel Shoufa Turban And Veil 889505
The Aiel are a race of people who live in a desert, which they call the Three-fold Land.  They have earned a reputation as skilled warriors. This Aiel Shoufa consists of a brown cotton turban with black poly veil. One size.
Price: $40.00

Blackbeard Leather Tricorn Hat

Blackbeard Leather Tricorn Pirate Hat
Hand made in the U.S., this leather tricorn is perfect for all of your sea going adventures.
Price: $130.00

Canvas Pirate Bandanna - Black

Canvas Pirate Bandanna - Black
Our canvas pirate bandanna is perfect for topping off a pirate or gypsy costume, or just keeping your hair out of your face on a hot day. Made from sturdy cotton canvas.
Price: $11.21

Canvas Pirate Bandanna - Burgundy

Canvas Pirate Bandanna - Burgundy
Our canvas pirate bandanna is perfect for topping off a pirate or gypsy costume, or just keeping your hair out of your face on a hot day. Made from sturdy cotton canvas.
Price: $11.21

Capitano Hat

Capitano Hat VL-CAPI
The Capitino Hat was worn in Barcelona, Spain in the late 16th century, the renaissance era Capitano Hat evolved into the 17th century Cavalier hat. Our durable reproduction is made of suede velvet and constructed to withstand weather.
Price: $154.00

Children's Squire Cap

Children's Squire Cap 101593
Children's soft black Squire’s Cap is a nice addition to any medieval or renaissance costume wardrobe. This type of cotton velvet slouch hat was worn by both lads and lasses. Wear with outfits ranging from Medieval to Renaissance.
Price: $28.00

Classic White Pith Helmet

Classic White Pith Helmet 26-200570
Classic White Pith Helmets are associated with British colonial and foreign service history. They are made from trees grown in the northern part of Vietnam. The material can sustain heavy sunlight as well as rain.
Price: $60.00

Deluxe Leather Pirate Hat in Black

Deluxe Leather Pirate Hat in Black
Deluxe Leather Pirate Hat in Black, full-grain quality leather Tricorn Hat. Each of these leather hats is handmade. Detachable sides allow you to create your own look and will keep you in character at your next LARP event.
Price: $95.00

Don Juan Black Felt Hat

Don Juan Black Felt Hat 101392
This heavy black felt hat is perfect for the Don Juan ensemble. Features distressed edging, a braided suede band and silver details. One size fits most.
Price: $35.00

Fairy Halo Headpiece

Fairy Halo Headpiece
Find your inner nymph with this soft halo of tulle and ribbon.
Price: $14.95

Gotham Top Hat

Gotham Top Hat 26-201303
Our Gotham Top Hat hails from the time of the brutal Gangs that populated old New York, comes this classic hat of the period. Made in the U.S. of 100% black wool felt, it stands a full 6-1/2" tall with a narrow 1-1/2" brim.
Price: $134.95

Gov’nah Tricorn Hat

Gov’nah Tricorn Hat 26-201174
Our Gov’nah Tricorn Hat has an authentic style of the military tricorns from the 18th century. This piece is a true status symbol. Made of a stiff, black ultra suede material.
Price: $33.00

Greek Fisherman Hat

Greek Fisherman Hat
Made in the USA from wool flannel, this Greek fisherman hat looks just like the one George Martin wears! Available in Martin Black, sizes small (6 3/4), medium (7 1/8), large (7 1/4), and extra large (7 1/2).
Price: $30.00

High Seas Stocking Cap

High Seas Stocking Cap 101612
High Seas Stocking Cap, these stocking caps are great hats for adventures on the high seas and pirates of all ages. These simple stretch fabric caps can be worn a variety of ways. One size, choose from solid red or grey stripes
Price: $15.00

Laced Renaissance Bonnet

Laced Renaissance Bonnet TT8-325
The coif was worn since the 13th century. Our Laced Renaissance Bonnet can be worn alone or under other hats, topped by a veil or as a nightcap. Lace trimmed Cotton. One size. Black only.
Price: $30.00

Leather Cavalier Hat with Plume

Leather Cavalier Hat
Our leather Cavalier hat features a 4 inch brim, plume, and choice of band color. Hand made in the U.S. from top quality leather.
Price: $118.00

Leather Eye Patch - Left Eye

Leather Eye Patch - Left Eye 801855
This high quality Pirate Leather eye patch is hand formed and fits perfectly to the contour of your face. Leather thong attached for tying in the back. Also available for right eye. See SKU # 802854
Price: $16.00

Leather Eye Patch - Right Eye

Leather Eye Patch - Right Eye 801854
This high quality Pirate Leather eye patch is hand formed and fits perfectly to the contour of your face. Leather thong attached for tying in the back. Also available for left eye. See SKU # 802855
Price: $16.00

Leather Musketeer Hat

Leather Musketeer Hat 200552
Our Leather Musketeer Hat completes any period outfit topping it off with a dashing appearance. The Leather Musketeer Hat is one of the best and most affordable hats on the market.
Price: $85.00

Leather Pirate or Highwayman Tricorn Hat

Leather Pirate or Highwayman Tricorn Hat 200550
This Tricorn Hat is inspired by the swashbuckling pirates; it is for those who still live by the "Code". Made of Top grain leather with a weathered, dark brown finish.
Price: $75.00

Leather Tricorn Hat

Jack Sparrow Pirate Hat
This leather tricorn is handcrafted in top quality leather in the U.S.
Price: $154.00

Leather Tricorn Hat, Medium

Leather Tricorn Hat, Medium GB3956
The tricorn hat, though familiarly associated with pirates, was in fact popular in both civilian and military life throughout the 18th century.
Price: $89.00

Leather Witch Hunter Hat in Brown

Leather Witch Hunter Hat in Brown
Leather Witch Hunter Hat in Brown is a full-grain quality leather Hat. Handmade and embellished with a buckled cotton canvas band, gives this larp Hat a rugged twist. Pierced leather stitched around the crown makes this a very durable hat.
Price: $109.00

Linen Triangle Bandanna

Linen Triangle Bandanna
At a size of 33 x 33 x 52 inches (length of the legs) this Linen Triangle Bandanna allows for a long tail. Perfect for topping off a pirate or gypsy costume, or just keeping your hair out of your face on a hot day.
Price: $19.95

Musketeer Hat H-23

Musketeer Hat H-23
The Musketeer Hat was made famous during the 17th century by the King of France's Musketeers and long popular with the upper classes. Our reproduction is made of stiffened felt.
Price: $79.00

Napoleonic Bicorn Hat

Napoleonic Bicorn Hat HC-1980
Our Napoleonic Bicorn Hat is custom sized to fit and is made from felt. This style of hat is suitable for Napoleonic era events, Pirate wear, as well as Colonial military, etc. Available in black.
Price: $360.00

Pecan Victorian Top Hat

Pecan Victorian Top Hat
This Pecan Victorian Top Hat is constructed of luxurious wool felt and is hand-crafted in the U.S. Perfect for any Victorian or Steampunk outfit; they look great topped with our goggles.
Price: $119.00

Pink Princess Headband

Pink Princess Headband 100200
All that glitters is pink with this princess headband. Any princess will sparkle with this sequined headdress.
Price: $14.95

Pirate Hook

Pirate Hook 802957
There is no more iconic piece associated with the pirates of the high seas than the infamous captain’s hook. This classic piece has been cast with real metal parts and antiqued for that authentic look. In addition, a black leather shroud decorated with small brass skull & crossbones completes the look. Hidden internal handle makes it a comfortable accessory!
Price: $59.00

Pirate Skull and Crossbones Leather Tricorn Hat

Pirate Skull N Crossbones Leather Tricorn Hat
The Pirate Skull and Crossbones Leather Tricorn Hat is a stylish variation of the standard pirate tricorn hat is certain to make your crew's blood run cold. This fine black leather hat has an antiqued brass skull and crossbones.
Price: $78.00

Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow Hat

Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow Hat
Make sure your Jack Sparrow costume is complete with this cool hat! This authentic tricorn hat is made of deluxe, distressed faux leather.
Price: $29.00

Plumes / Feathers - Large - Set of Two

Plumes / Feathers - Large M15550
Two Long Plumes to add to any of our helmets, hats, or headpieces. Colors may vary. 14-17"
Price: $20.00

Plumes / Feathers - Small

Plumes / Feathers - Small M15551
One Short Plume for our Medieval and Renaissance Helmets. These are great for your Renaissance Hat too! Colors may vary. 10-12"
Price: $10.00

Renaissance Cap

Renaissance Cap CG-03
This lightweight Renaissance Cap is great for Renaissance period outfits. Normally should be worn alone or as a nightcap. Trimmed with a very delicate lace. Made from cotton Muslim, ties at back. One size.
Price: $20.00

Renaissance Flat Cap

Renaissance Flat Cap DK-FLCAP
The Renaissance Flat Cap was a very popular style of hat during much of the medieval ages. Worn by both men and women, this cap is made of either cotton velveteen or cotton twill.
Price: $45.00

Renaissance Floppy Hat

Renaissance Floppy Hat
Renaissance Floppy Hats are worn by both men and women. Made of cotton velveteen, ours are machine washable.
Price: $55.00

Renaissance Muffin Hat

Renaissance Muffin Hat VL-MUFF
Made of cotton velveteen, our Renaissance Muffin Hat has a discrete strip of elastic at the back of the band so you can adjust it easily with a simple safety pin. Machine wash, tumble dry. Sizes: One size fits most.
Price: $49.00

Renaissance Muffin Hat with Trim

Renaissance Muffin Hat with Trim TT-223
The Renaissance Muffin Hat with Trim, a popular style in the Renaissance era and worn by men and women can be worn with your hair tucked in, or on top of the head like a beret. Great looking, comfy from high quality moleskin fabric.
Price: $52.00

Renaissance Period Beret

Renaissance Period Beret 200382
Most classes of men above the rank of peasant commonly wore these Renaissance Period Beret or flat-style hats. Elastic in the headband allow one size to fit most.
Price: $40.00

Roadkill Topper

Roadkill Topper
Not for the meek, this Roadkill Topper features real bones, feathers, deer skin - even a snake's rattle - on top of a high quality cow hide hat.The unfinished, uneven brim adds to the...charm. Made in the US. 
Price: $617.00

Slouch Cap

Slouch Cap 200272
The Slouch Cap is made from cotton twill, this sturdy cap will keep the rain and sun off the bold adventurer. Inside, you will find a secret pocket where you can hide your most precious treasure. As long as you keep your head!
Price: $48.00


Snoods LDS-02
These simple hats known as Snoods can quickly transform your modern hairstyle into a Medieval/Renaissance Look! Available in lots of colors to match your outfit
Price: $3.95

Steampunk Cadet Hat

Steampunk Cadet Hat 26-201281
In this Cadet Hat you'll be giving the orders instead of taking them with this steampunk-inspired cadet hat. The suede fabric and rope trim provide a comfortable fit and official look.  Cotton lining. Great for women and men.
Price: $27.00

Suede Musketeer Hat

Suede Musketeer Hat 26-201224
Our Suede Musketeer Hat is manufactured of soft suede, this hat brings back the romance of a bygone era. Beautiful period trim adorns the edge, while a color-matching suede hatband and antique button completes the look. A hidden wire in the brim keeps the hat looking perfect.
Price: $95.00

The Classic Fedora in Grey

The Classic Fedora
Made in the USA from wool felt, this fedora is the epitome of style and class. Available in sizes small (6 3/4), medium (7 1/8), large (7 1/4), and extra large (7 1/2).
Price: $70.00

Trimmed Custom Musketeer Hat

Musketeer Hat
Our Trimmed Musketeer hats are undoubtedly the finest Musketeer hats in the world, made in the U.S. Several options are available to customize this hat to your style.
Price: $145.00

Tudor French Hood

Tudor French Hood 26-101024
The finishing touch for many of our period gowns. This simple, yet elegant hat has a stiff interior with cotton velvet exterior. White Tudor edging with gold trim and ties complete this cute accessory. One size. Order gold, burgundy, dark blue or black. 
Price: $49.00

Wild West - Civil War Era Bonnet

Wild West - Civil War Era Bonnet
Made from soft cotton fabric, this Wild West - Civil War Era Bonnet is available in variety of colors. Great for American Civil War or Wild West events.
Price: $39.95
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