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Medieval and Renaissance Doublets

Our Doublets, vests, and coats can be a large part of your Medieval and Renaissance wardrobes. The doublet was generally accepted male fashion for most of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. At first it was designed to be worn as an undergarment, it soon became the main men’ss upper body wear. The doublet could be either very simple for everyday wear, or much fancier, especially in Scotland, where there was a doublet  for every occasion. Normally coats and vest were meant for high order and dress, but other uses were to stay warm during the winter months. We have many styles to choose from, so whether you are going for a Peasant, Pirate or Nobleman look, we have the perfect doublet, coat or vest for you. Our Renaissance doublets, coats and vests are made with great quality materials and workmanship that they will be a part of your wardrobe for years to come. You can wear them to the Renaissance Fair, an SCA event or for any Medieval  style wedding.

Aramis Fencing Doublet

Aramis Doublet 26-101498
The body of this versatile doublet is made of a rich, black and silver cotton velvet brocade. The collar, sleeves, and waistline are made from black cotton velvet.
Price: $150.00

Blue Velvet Musketeer Tabard

Blue Velvet Musketeer Tabard
This tabard is crafted in a rich blue cotton velvet, and fully lined in matching satin. The front, back, and sides are embroidered with the silver crosses and fleur-de-lis of the Musketeers.
Price: $169.00

Doublet Hose and Cap Set GH0050

15th century Doublet, cap and Two colored hose with attached cod piece set in cotton velveteen
Tailor made Doublet Hose and Cap Set. Parti colored hose with attached cod piece, 15th century.
Price: $302.00

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Night Watch Gambeson

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Night Watch Gambeson
Our licensed Game of Thrones Jon Snow Night Watch Gambeson is made from a poly/cotton blend fabric that is dyed black to match the iconic look of the men who serve in the Nights Watch.
Price: $107.00

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Night Watch Peasecod

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Night Watch Peasecod
This licensed Game of Thrones Jon Snow Night Watch Peasecod, or doublet, is crafted in black faux leather. This beautiful period vest laces down both sides for a truly good fit.
Price: $121.25

Italian Doublet VL-IT

Italian Doublet VL-IT
Italian Doublet made of cotton velveteen and lined in cotton. The Italian Doublet is from Italian paintings by Caravaggio, Complete your look with our Renaissance Shirt, Hosen, Ring Belt, and Musketeer Hat.
Price: $180.00

Medieval Officers Doublet 15th Century GH0038

Medieval Officers Doublet 15th Century GH0038
Mid 15th century Medieval Officers Doublet or coat with hat.
Price: $222.00

Nobles Doublet 146-NDOUBLET

Nobles Doublet 146-NDOUBLET
The Nobles Doublet features the look of a Nobleman with the comfort of an everyday man.
Price: $120.00

Phillip the Good Doublet VL-PHIL

Phillip the Good Doublet VL-PHIL
Reproduction of a doublet worn by Phillip the Good, Duke of Burgundy from 1419 to 1467. Phillip wears a belt, poufy shirt, hosen (tights), a wide necklace, and tops it off with a turban.
Price: $195.00

Ren Doublet DK-RD

Ren Doublet DK-RD
The Renaissance Man charmed ladies in our Ren Doublet as he made his way across Europe in the 1500's. Our Ren doublet laces front and sides. Fully reversible to black.
Price: $130.00

Royal Court Renaissance Doublet

Royal Court Renaissance Doublet 100874
The elegance of the Renaissance lives again in this magnificent doublet. 100% cotton brocade with polyester lining, dry clean only.
Regular Price: $120.00
On Sale For: $110.00

Royal Musketeer Tabard

Royal Musketeer Tabard 26-101334
This tabard is made from black cotton velvet, with a deep gold rayon lining. Crosses with fleur-de-lis are embroidered both on the chest and sleeves.
Price: $195.00

Scot Velvet Doublet with Detachable Sleeves

Scotts Doublet VL-SCOT
These fabulous Scottish doublets offer superb quality and style. It is a replica of an original from 1610- located at the Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh. The detachable sleeves make this a four-season doublet.
Price: $185.00
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