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Legends of Sherwood

Legend of Sherwood 

We are your online source for The Legend of Sherwood Clothing. Here we have the Outlaw shirt, Locksley Pants, Robin of Locksley Gambeson, Locksley Boots and the Robin Hood Belt. This all you need to be The Legend of Sherwood.

Archers Arm Bracer

Archers Arm Bracer
A simple leather Archers Arm Bracer designed to protect the inner forearm while shooting longbows. Worn on either right or left arm and attaches with straps and buckles.
Price: $23.95

Cotton Outlaw Shirt

Outlaw Shirt 100472
This shirt is perfect for a rogue living in Sherwood Forest. Made from cotton with leather lacing down the front and button cuffs.
Price: $65.00

Grayhawk English Longbow GEL

Grayhawk English Longbow
Each Grayhawk English Longbow is made from premium hickory with a rustic design and smooth rounded belly along with tapered limbs. Each bow comes with a custom made leather handle wrap and Hand painted designs.
Price: $169.00

Heavy Warbow Bamboo Backed 314-E013

Heavy Warbow Bamboo Backed 314-E013
This triple laminated warbow features sustainable bamboo backing. Available in draw weights from 70-130 pounds at 32 inches, safe to 33. Approximately 76 inches long.
Price: $399.00

Huntingdon Brown Under Tunic 26-100988

Huntingdon Brown Under Tunic
The Lord of Huntingdon Under Tunic is a great piece of medieval clothing suitable for feast or everyday wear. Can be worn with any of our Legends of Sherwood apparel.

Price: $59.00

Huntingdon Green Over Tunic with Hood 26-100986

Huntingdon Green Over Tunic with Hood
The Lord of Huntingdon Over Tunic can be worn alone or with any under garment.  It is shown here with our Huntingdon Brown Under Tunic.
Price: $90.00

Locksley Boots 200554

Locksley Boots 200554
Our Locksley Boots are he perfect finishing touch to any outfit. These suede calf-high Locksley Boots are a great addition to any medieval or Renaissance ensemble. This footwear is heroic in style, while at the same time, warm and comfortable.
Price: $115.00

Nottingham Shirt 26-101059

Nottingham Shirt 26-101059
Our Nottingham shirt is a voluminous period black 100 percent cotton shirt, with embroidered red crosses on both sleeves, the high collar, and cuffs. Hook & eye closure on neck.
Price: $64.00

Robin of Locksley Cotton Pants

Locksley Pants 100474
Made from heavy cotton, with an elastic waistline, these pants are perfect for your Robin Hood, Rogue, or Outlaw costume. Stitching details down the front of the leg add to the rustic look.
Price: $59.00

Robin of Locksley Gambeson

Robin of Locksley Gambeson 100476
This heavy two-piece garment consists of a corduroy undershirt with padded and studded sleeves and a quilted, sleeveless gambeson. Both pieces are chocolate brown corduroy.
Price: $175.00

Robin of Locksley Leather Quiver

Locksley Leather Quiver
The Locksley leather quiver is a timeless classic for the traditional archer. Elegantly tapered with a generous 5½ inch opening and 3 inch bottom that is double thick to prevent point penetration.
Price: $145.00

Sherwood Forest Leather Quiver

Sherwood Leather Archery Quiver
This high quality quiver is hand made in a rustic patchwork style from top grain leather.
Price: $150.00

Studded Leather Belt Brown

Studded Leather Belt Brown
Our Studded Leather Belt is a perfect addition to any gambeson, this belt is manufactured of top grade leather and is nickel studded to match. The color is brown. One size, approximately 62" long.
Price: $44.00

Trilam English Longbow Bamboo Backed 314-E008

Trilam English Longbow Bamboo Backed 314-E008
This traditional English longbow is triple laminated, bamboo backed, and available at up to 70 lbs at 28 inches.
Price: $220.00

Trilam English Longbow Hickory Backed 314-E007

Trilam English Longbow Hickory Backed 314-E007
This traditional English longbow is triple laminated, hickory backed, and available at up to 70 lbs at 28 inches.
Price: $220.00