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Fencing Attire

Renaissance Clothing - Fencing Attire

Blue Velvet Musketeer Tabard

Blue Velvet Musketeer Tabard
This tabard is crafted in a rich blue cotton velvet, and fully lined in matching satin. The front, back, and sides are embroidered with the silver crosses and fleur-de-lis of the Musketeers.
Price: $169.00

Cardinal Guard Crimson Tabard

The Cardinal’s Guard Tabard 26-101333
The elite guard of the infamous Cardinal Richelieu wore this tabard as a sign of his office. This blood red tabard is manufactured of heavy red cotton velvet with an antique gold rayon lining.
Price: $175.00

Fencing Pants TT-502

Fencing Pants TT-502
The Fencing Pants are made of 100% machine washable cotton. These snappy, knee length pants can be worn with.any of our doublets. They can be worn with leggings or thigh-high boots. There's plenty of room for movement.
Price: $63.00

Royal Musketeer Tabard

Royal Musketeer Tabard 26-101334
This tabard is made from black cotton velvet, with a deep gold rayon lining. Crosses with fleur-de-lis are embroidered both on the chest and sleeves.
Price: $195.00

Slashed Sleeve Shirt TT-503

Slashed Sleeve Shirt TT-503
Classic Slashed Sleeve Shirt. Off white shirt reveals a dark inner sleeve. Choose hunter green or black inner sleeve. Slashes are of varying length with an elegant long cuff.
Price: $95.00
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