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Renaissance Dresses

Clothing during the Renaissance period was more about displaying one’s social status. The rich would wear clothes in expensive fabrics. Materials such as silk and brocade were used for clothing during the Renaissance period. Women’s fashion saw an evolution during this era. Style was the prime factor. The initial costumes worn during the Renaissance period did restrict freedom to move around. Women wore around 5 layers of clothing. This included the skirt, bodice, vest, underskirt and the collar. Wedding dresses during this period were particularly beautiful in their appearance and were made of brocades. Exquisite jewels were sewn onto the patterns. Many layers of clothing thus formed an important factor of Renaissance clothing for women. This was probably considered as a way to keep the body warm during the cold weather.

16th Century Dress 100544

16th Century Dress 100544
Try on this stylish 16th Century Dress in either blueberry, raspberry or green and you will be transformed into a Renaissance lady. Dress is made of a rayon short nap fabric with satin undertones.
Price: $140.00

Adora Dress 22-C1123

Adora Dress
This red linen dress features detachable black sleeves. 15 buttons down the front and 18 on each sleeve add interesting detail to this simple, yet elegant dress. White chemise is not included.
Price: $124.95

Amah Gown 22-C1136

Amah Gown
This simple rayon dress features side lacing for a flattering, adjustable fit. Looks great on any figure. Light brown chemise sold separately.
Price: $74.95

Angmar Medieval Overdress 22-C1145

Angmar Medieval Overdress
Medieval Overdress made from soft cotton fabric, this blue over dress has an open front with lacing at the torso for a fitted look. Chemise sold separately.
Price: $67.95

Arabella Cotton Dress 22-C1103

Arabella Cotton Dress
Our Arabella Cotton Dress features rich brocades and beautiful trim. Lacing in the back ensures a flattering fit.
Price: $134.95


Arm Garters Medieval - Renaissance Dress Accessories
Arm Garters - Medieval Renaissance Dress Accessories. Nice finishing touch for any Medieval or Renaissance Gown. Our Arm Garters, can also double as Renaissance scrunchies. The Arm Garters come in sets of six.
Price: $25.00

Avon Jupon Gown VL-AVON

Avon Jupon Gown VL-AVON
The Avon Jupon is from the early 1500s Flanders, which was considered part of northern France. Today, it's Belgium. Lacing on each side of the bodice area makes it possible to feast to your heart's content and still easily fit this dress.
Price: $240.00

Ball Gown 26-100220

Ball Gown 26-100220
The romance of the renaissance is captured in this ball gown. Shimmering grey silk-like fabric embellished with gold trim, you are sure to be the belle of the ball in this gown.
Regular Price: $175.00
On Sale For: $125.00

Beauty Of Stripe Gown 22-C1120

Beauty Of Stripe Gown
Made from cotton fabric, this striped gown is elaborate and stylish. Beaded lace trims the neckline and bustle. Lacing at the back allows a fitted and feminine look.
Price: $139.95

Castleford Medieval Gown

Castleford Gown 26-101431
Made of lightweight poly-cotton blend, this shapely dress gives the illusion of wearing both an under chemise and over gown. The lace-up sides, back, and sleeves allows for a perfect fit.
Price: $89.19

Child's Irish Dress

Child's Irish Dress VL-CIRISHD
Our Child's Irish Dress is perfect for the lass on hot days. Bodice area reversible to black. Wear with your favorite chemise and a brightly-colored Gathered Skirt.
Price: $80.00

Country Maid Overdress

Country Maid Medieval Overdress 26-101314
The Country Maid Overdress is the perfect way of adding a colorful flair to any chemise. The faux suede corset has a flowing green skirt already attached. With a simple lace-up front, you are ready for almost any occasion.
Price: $53.95

Courtly Green Brocade Dress 22-C1130

Courtly Green Brocade Dress
This courtly brocade gown is made from green brocade fabric with dark green velvet details. The detachable belt features a jeweled brooch and beaded lace. Lacing at the back is finished with glass bead tassels.
Price: $169.95

Duchess Gown VL-DUCH

Duchess Gown VL-DUCH
Our Duchess Gown is made of cotton velveteen, lined in various satin and trim colors, and is boned in front for support.
Price: $230.00

Elise Dress 22-C1097

Elise Dress
Our Elise Dress is crafted from natural linen fabric, making this a light and breathable dress. Suitable for outdoor events in summer.
Price: $144.95

Extra German Gown Inset VL-INSET

Extra German Gown Inset VL-INSET
The Extra German Gown Inset worn over the Classic chemise and 1 comes with the German Gown. This listing is for an extra inset so you can change to a different color. Reversible to black.
Price: $70.00

Fair Maiden Dress

Fair Maidens Dress 100510
This colorful overdress laces at the bodice and is open down the front to reveal your chemise or underskirt. It features 16th century styling and is perfect for your next trip to the faire.
Price: $66.75

Fair Maiden's Dress 22-C1094

Fair Maiden's Dress 22-C1094
Our Fair Maiden's Dress is made from 100% Rayon Fabric. It features reinforced boning and coordinating trim in front. 
Price: $99.95

Fleur-De-Lis Gown 22-C1134

Royalty Of Fleur-De-Lis Gown
This red and gold gown features a detachable belt with a jeweled brooch. Shimmering and stately, this gown is fit for French royalty. 
Price: $244.95

Florentine Gown 26-100984

Florentine Gown 26-100984
Our Florentine Gown is by far one of the most beautiful Renaissance gowns we have ever offered!
Regular Price: $260.00
On Sale For: $235.00

Forest Princess Dress 22-C1093

Forest Princess Dress
Made from natural flax linen, the Forest Princess dress has been embellished with golden trims and elegant buttons on the sleeves. Lacing in the back ensures a shapely fit.
Price: $154.95

Gloriana Dress 22-C1140

Gloriana Dress
This blue linen over dress features red lace trim at the edges and on the fabric belt. Lacing at the sides provides an adjustable fit. Red chemise included.
Price: $97.95

Golden Brocade Renaissance Gown

Anjou Gown 26-100998
The romance of the early renaissance is captured in this courtly gown. Rich brocades, lavish trims, period rounded shoulders, and an elegant lace up back all add to the overall beauty of this piece. 100% cotton, dry clean only.
Price: $305.19

Gone With The Wind Christmas Gown

Gone With The Wind Christmas Gown 889653
The Gone With The Wind Christmas Gown was first seen upon Ashley’s return to Atlanta for Christmas. Scarlett O'Hara dons this wonderful holiday gown. This dress consists of two pieces, the bodice and the skirt.
Price: $535.95

Gone With The Wind Portriat Gown

Gone With The Wind Portriat Gown 889654
This Gone With The Wind Portriat Gown is hanging in Rhett’s bedroom in his Atlanta mansion is this magnificent painting of Scarlett wearing this spectacular blue gown. This one-piece gown is manufactured from rich, sapphire blue cotton velvet. 
Price: $625.95

Gone With The Wind Prayer Dress

Gone With The Wind Prayer Dress 889651
Our Gone With The Wind Prayer Dress was worn during the family bible reading, this is the dress that we first see Scarlett wearing, in all her beauty. This entire elegant gown is made of 100% cotton lawn fabric and consists of two pieces, the bodice and the skirt.
Price: $580.95

Gothic Vamp Dress 100186 - Liquidation

Gothic Vamp Dress 100186 - Liquidation
Mysterious and alluring, the Gothic Vamp Dress is a long black dress with a bodice in black satin covered in lace.
Price: $89.00

Highland Dress 22-C1096

Highland Dress
Our Highland Dress features a layered look in the ease of a single garment. The skirt, bodice, and sleeves are all sewn together- no separate chemise to add bulk and heat.
Price: $99.95

Hildegard Princess Dress 22-C1105

Hildegard Princess Dress
A floor-length, velvet dress with a full skirt. The puffed sleeves tighten through the elbows to the wrists. Golden lace trims the front, neckline, and hem. The side panels of the dress are decorated with a rich brocade fabric.
Price: $149.95

Isabel Silk Dress 22-C1106

Isabel Silk Dress 22-C1106
Our Isabel Silk Dress is a lightweight, simply cut gown with wide golden jacquard ribbon on cuffs and hem. Fine golden lace accents the neckline and shoulder seam.
Price: $124.95

Italian Renaissance Gown TT8-039

Italian Renaissance Gown TT8-039
This Italian Renaissance Gown, fashioned after the favorite style of ladies of nobility in 15th century Italy, is made from cotton velveteen. Full skirt is gathered into an empire style bodice and laced closed with cording. Rich metallic trim accents.
Price: $135.00

Journe Gown VL-JOUR

Journe Gown VL-JOUR
The Journe Gown was worn just before Limousin became famous for its limouge porcelain. Made of velveteen and half-lined in satin, this gown has sleeves that tie on with ribbon.
Price: $179.00

Lady of Leeds Gown 22-C1104

Lady of Leeds Gown
The Lady of Leeds gown features drop sleeves and a front split, both lined with gold brocade fabric. Broad lace highlights the square neckline, elbows, and center front. Lacing in the back ensures a proper fit.
Price: $184.95

Linen Overdress TT8-033

Overdress TT8-033
This side-less overdress is made from a rich colored cotton brocade.
Price: $80.00

Maiden Surcoat 22-C1138

Maiden Surcoat
This green surcoat is made in a linen blend. It represents what middle class women would have worn in Medieval Europe. The surcoat and detachable belt are trimmed in black lace. Black chemise sold separately.
Price: $96.95

Manguito Sleeves VL-MS

Manguito Sleeves VL-MS
The Manguito Sleeves will give a new look to your gowns! Sleeves were considered separate garments so we offer the same to you.
Price: $59.00

Medieval Dress 22-C1095

Medieval Dress
A casual medieval gown, made from rayon. Elastic at the neckline gives the option to wear it on or off the shoulder. Decorative lace highlights the sleeves, hem, and waist.
Price: $144.95

Princess Of Pearl Dress 22-C1133

Princess Of Pearl Dress
The splendor and beauty of the medieval era has never been more apparent than in this stunning dress. The shimmering satin material, elegant blue and gold trim, and pearled white buttons give it a royal air.
Price: $126.00

Renaissance Underbust Dress TT-304

Renaissance Underbust Dress
Renaissance Underbust Dress - Under the Bust Floor Length Dress with lace up sides from comfortable Cotton Twill.
Price: $135.00

Renaissance Wedding Gown and Veil

Renaissance Wedding Gown & Veil
Perfect for your storybook or period wedding, this stunning white gown is layered in polyester satin and decorated with hand made flowers and white artificial pearls. Gorgeous floral lace finishes off this period dress, along with a 60” matching veil.
Price: $193.99

Renaissance Wedding Gown VL-WTG

Renaissance Wedding Gown
The Toledo Wedding Gown has twenty-eight pearl buttons line sleeves, dozens of yards of trims, fine stitches. Reproduction of the Toledo Gown worn by Eleanor of Toledo.
Price: $569.00

Robe du Soir Renaissance Gown Set

Robe du Soir Renaissance Gown Set
This Flemish, early 16th century Robe du Soir Gown can be worn three different ways: The chemise and inner gown, chemise and outer gown, or the chemise with inner and outer gowns.
Price: $280.00

Robe du Soir Renaissance Inner Gown - SOLD SEPARATELY VL-SOIR-I

Robe du Soir Renaissance Inner Gown - SOLD SEPARATELY
This Flemish, early 16th century Robe du Soir Gown can be worn three different ways: The chemise and inner gown, chemise and outer gown, or the chemise with inner and outer gowns.
Price: $99.00

Robe du Soir Renaissance Outer Gown - SOLD SEPARATELY VL-SOIR-O

Robe du Soir Renaissance Outer Gown - SOLD SEPARATELY
This Flemish, early 16th century Robe du Soir Gown can be worn three different ways: The chemise and inner gown, chemise and outer gown, or the chemise with inner and outer gowns.
Price: $180.00

Scarlet Dream Velvet Gown

Scarlet Dream Gown 100608
You will feel like you've stepped into the pages of a fairy tale when you wear this elegant gown. In red cotton velvet, this dress features bell sleeves and a full skirt.
Price: $152.50

Spanish Brial Gown VL-SPBRIAL

Spanish Brial Gown
This late 16th century gown from the Aragon region, has puff-in-slash sleeves, square neckline and is open down the front to show off the satin petti coat.
Price: $295.00

Spanish Saya Gown VL-SAYA

Spanish Saya Gown
The Spanish Saya Gown dates to the time Columbus sailed for the new world. Cinches the waist -- subtracting up to an inch. Provides an uplift for the bosom so no need for a bra. Fully lined in satin cotton velveteen gown.
Price: $195.00

Summer Viking Dress

Summer Viking Dress
The Summer Viking Dress from is ideal for LARP, Renaissance and Medieval fairs, it can also be used for fantasy styled clothing. Made of 100% cotton with trim in the front, straps and buttons holes make this fully adjustable.
Price: $145.00

The Majestic Beauty Gown 22-C1132

The Majestic Beauty Gown
This 2 piece gown includes the Princess of Pearl dress and a surcoat to be worn over. The surcoat has a wide neckline and plunging armholes which reach to the hip, exposing the dress beneath. The surcoat is made of velvet, with metallic white lace.
Price: $279.95

Toledo Gown VL-TG

Toledo Gown VL-TG
Twenty-eight pearl buttons line sleeves, dozens of yards of trims, fine stitches. Reproduction of the Toledo Gown worn by Eleanor of Toledo.
Price: $479.00

Venetian Medieval Gown

Venetian Medieval Gown
Our Venetian Gown is copied from an Italian painting of two ladies of the Torella family watching the hunt from their palace terrace, this sleeveless gown has a sewn-on satin overskirt and is made of cotton velveteen.
Price: $160.00

Wedding Dress TT8-223

Wedding Dress TT8-223
For many fair ladies the day they are wed is the time they shine the brightest; in the Renaissance style wedding dress you will be sure to fully blind all that behold you.
Price: $90.00