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Horns, sound a rousing fanfare for m'lords and m'laidies.

DOBANI Straight Bulb Horn

DOBANI Straight Bulb Horn
Our Bulb Horn, Circular is 2 3/4" BELL, 14" length. Solid brass with removable rubber bulb and metal reed. Great honk. Uses a bulb with a 5/8 inche fitting. You should expect your brass instruments to have, or develop, an attractive antique patina.
Price: $16.90

Large Water Buffalo Horn

Large Water Buffalo Horn HWBLG
This instrument is made from an actual horn of a water buffalo with a brass reed inserted inside. By blowing into the end with reed, you will create a very full, LOUD sound and will be able to be heard from a distance.
Price: $47.92

Medieval Heralds Trumpet

Medieval Heralds Trumpet ON1200
The Heralds trumpet will sound a rousing fanfare for lords and ladies or decorate castle walls to perfection! Crafted in drawn brass and measuring an imposing 50 inches long, the trumpet can be supplied with an optional banner.
Price: $99.00
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