Medieval Collectibles

Here we have a great selection of Medieval collectibles and gifts for all ages. All of our medieval collectibles and gifts are great for decorating your home, office or used as stage props. These collectibles and gifts are made of quality materials and very affordable. Whether you are re-doing an entire room or just looking for a few unique Medieval style Home Decor pieces, you're in the right spot! We have a great selection to choose from.

Templar Knight Magnifying Glass by Marto 56-M107

Templar Knight Magnifying Glass by Marto 56-M107
Our Templar Knight Magnifying Glass by Marto is a Beautiful Templar Knight Magnifying Glass. An exquisite executive gift.
Price: $42.40

The Name of the Rose Flag

The Name of the Rose Flag 17-ABF435
The Name of the Rose Flag is made in Italy by Heart Rock's special process, reproducing exactly the colours and details of the original Alchemy artwork.
Price: $16.00

The Whitby Wyrm Flag

The Whitby Wyrm Flag 17-ABF136
The Whitby Wyrm Flag depicts a night, on a full moon, once every seven years, the great Dragon of Whitby returns to try and claw the church into the sea.
Price: $16.00

Toledo Mini Shield

Toledo Mini Shield 31-AG884
Our Toledo Mini Shield is a fine miniature produced by Art Gladius. Makes a great gift and compliments our line of mini swords.
Price: $39.25

UL13 Playing Cards

UL13 Playing Cards Alchemy ULCARD
Do you love card games? How about a handsome set of playing cards, as bold as they are attractive and artistic? The UL13 Playing Cards are covered in stunning and stylish art, making every card you draw that much better.
Price: $13.00

Wyverex Auctor Flag

Wyverex Auctor Flag 17-ABF128
Our Wyverex Auctor Flag is the image of the fully matured ancestor of the genus, presides over his treasury of riches and souls.
Price: $16.00
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