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Roman Reenactment Gear 1

Roman Re-enactment Gear

We carry all your Roman Gear you will ever need. We have the Roman Horse Saddle, Roman Chandelier, Candle Holders, Lantern, Roman Tuba, the Roman Cornu Bugle and The Praetorian Cohort.

Dragon Lamp AH-6276

Dragon Lamp AH-6276
The Dragon Lamp is a Brass candle holder.
Price: $170.00

Medieval Cooking Pan AH-4385

Medieval Cooking Pan AH-4385
Our Medieval Cooking Pan is styled after the pans that were used back in the medieval era.  Made of iron, and great addition for you medieval re-enactment collection.
Price: $44.00

Roman Brass and Horn Lantern

Roman Brass and Horn Lantern
This Roman Lantern is from Brass with a wooden handle and has a horn inset to let the candle light shine through.
Price: $85.00

Roman Candleholder AH-6277

Roman Candleholder AH-6277
Our Roman Candle holder is made from solid cast brass.
Price: $75.00

Roman Chandelier AH-6275

Roman Chandelier AH-6275
The Roman Chandelier is made from Brass and is 33" tall.
Price: $880.00

Roman Cooking Pot

Roman Cooking Pot AH-3982-B
This historically accurate Roman Cooking Pot is made from Brass.
Price: $36.00

Roman Cornu Bugle

Roman Cornu Bugle AH3870
Made from brass and wood, our Roman Cornu Bugle is a fully functional, historically accurate Roman item.
Price: $225.00

Roman Lantern AH-6278

Roman Lantern AH-6278
Our Roman Lantern is made form Brass with an accurate horn inset to let the candle light shine through.
Price: $90.00

Roman Legion Canteen AH-3982-C

Roman Legion Canteen
The Roman Legion Canteen is a Steel canteen with brass fittings. Accurate Roman Gear!
Price: $65.00

Roman Legion Cooking Pan Patera AH-3982-N

Roman Legion Cooking Pan Patera
Roman Legion Cooking Pan, or Patera, is a newly redesigned Roman cooking and eating pan. Accurate Roman Gear!
Price: $105.00

Roman Phalerae Harness Aluminium

Roman Phalerae Harness Aluminium AH-6761A
Our Roman Phalerae Harness in Aluminium is a set of nine phalerae in cast metal. Features central leonine phalera supported by two smaller leonine phalerae. 2 Medusa, 2 florate and 2 concentric circle phalerae.
Price: $230.00

Roman Situla AH-3982-S

Roman Situla
Here is our Roman Situla. Situla, from the Latin for bucket or pail, is a term for a variety of elaborate bucket-shaped vessels from the Iron Age to the Middle Ages, usually with a handle at the top.  
Price: $115.00

Roman Standard Third Praetorian Cohort

Roman Standard Third Praetorian Cohort AH-3509
Our Roman Standard Third Praetorian Cohort is made from brass with tassels and comes mounted on a two piece hardwood pole. Overall 90".
Price: $250.00

Roman Stove AH-3983

Roman Stove
This Roman Stove is an excellent camp item. This heavy duty Roman stove has places to heat water in addition to the grill. The grill cross braces move. 
Price: $240.00

Roman Tuba

Roman Tuba AH3870-T
This Roman Tuba is an historically accurate Roman reproduction piece made from Brass. Fully Functional.
Price: $175.00
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