Pirate Period Clothing

Pirate Period Clothing and Accessories

Our new line of custom-made Pirate attire is all hand made to your measurements! Designed and made from authentic looking materials, we feel these are some of the best period clothing available. These are not cheap costume pieces but real durable clothing as historically accurate as possible. We know our customers demand the best from By The Sword, Inc. and with our new line of historic clothing we hope we have succeeded once again.

War Band Belt Buckle

War Band Belt Buckle Pewter Alchemy 17-B99
This War Band Belt Buckle is a rune-cut battle shield and trusted sword for a Viking leader.  The War Band Belt Buckle is made is crafted entirely in fine, polished English pewter, which gives it a gleam similar to silver.  
Price: $52.00

Warrior's Medieval Shirt

Warrior's Medieval Shirt
This cotton shirt has a round collar and buttons down to the waist. Lightweight, this shirt works as well under a doublet or vest as it does alone.
Price: $49.95

Wide Pirate Belt

Wide Pirate Belt 200716
This belt is a beautiful accent piece for any pirate outfit. Made from brown leather, it measures 56" long and 2-3/4"wide. With a large 5-1/4" antiqued brass buckle, this piece looks great when combined with any of our sashes.
Price: $43.49

Wulven Belt Buckle

Wulven Belt Buckle Pewter Alchemey 17-B74
The wolf is an inspiring creature, both magnificent and terrifying, and it is represented in all its glory by this Wulven Belt Buckle. Feral power and a handsome design make this a must-have accent for any who idolize this predator. 
Price: $71.00