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Decorative Arm Armour

Decorative Arm Armour - Hybrid Arm Armour made from tough Polyurethane that will not rust, dent or corrode. Including spaulders, full arms, vambraces, arm bracers, Elven Bracers and gauntlets! 
These items take 4-12 weeks construction time.

Full LARP Arm Harness

Full LARP Arm Harness
The Full LARP Arm Harness is complete arm armour comprising of Vambrace and detachable Articulated Spaulder.
Price: $497.64

LARP Articulated Spaudlers

LARP Articulated Spaudlers DC-474
Our LARP Articulated Spaudlers are sold as a Pair. Complete with top lacing holes and upper arm strap.
Price: $301.08

LARP Celtic Bracers

LARP Celtic Bracers DC-586
LARP Celtic Bracers are Leather effect Celtic design bracers complete with lacing thong. Sold as a pair.
Price: $95.16

LARP Elven Bracers

LARP Elven Bracers DC-624
LARP Elven Bracers to match the Elven breastplate and greaves. (Special finish pictured).
Price: $113.88

LARP One Piece Spaudler

LARP One Piece Spaudler DC-530
LARP One Piece Spaudler with fixed plates. Complete with straps and upper lacing holes.
Price: $113.88

LARP Pauldron

LARP Pauldron DC-696
15th century style LARP Pauldrons. Sold as a pair.
Price: $282.36

LARP Vambrace

LARP Vambrace DC-469
Our LARP Vambrace Comprising upper cannon, couter and lower cannon.
Price: $338.52

Leather-look LARP Arm Bracers

Leather-look LARP Arm Bracers DC-531
The Leather-look LARP Arm Bracers made from our flexible material. Sold as a pair.
Price: $104.52

Mitten Gauntlets

Mitten Gauntlets DC-482
Sold as a pair, our LARP Mitten Gauntlets are complete with hand, wrist and thumb straps. Rusty steel finish pictured.
Price: $450.84
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