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LARP Body Armour

LARP Hybrid Armour

Our Hybrid Armour items are made by traditional armourers, manufacturing Museum Quality armour in hybrid polyurethane.

Some of the
 advantages of Hybrid Polyurethane Armour are it is very tough and will Last for Years. It looks like REAL ARMOUR. It's Lightweight making it perfect for LARP and Theater events. It's Fully Functional and can be Worn. It will never Rust, Dent, or Corrode. It comes in a Variety of Finishes to suit your own Style. These are the exact items used in Movies.
These are Individually Hand Made items. Shipping Time is USUALLY 12-16 weeks.
However, delays can occur.


LARP 16th Century Cuirass

LARP 16th Century Cuirass DC-634
LARP 16th Century Cuirass includes Breastplate and Backplate with pointed front. Small size so particularly suitable for women.
Price: $263.64

LARP Bevor

LARP Bevor DC-699
15th Century LARP Bevor With neck support strap.
Price: $113.88

LARP Celtic Fantasy Armour

ARP Celtic Fantasy Armour DC-604
LARP Celtic Fantasy Armour breastplate and backplate. Matches Celtic fantasy greaves. Backplate is plain. Will fit mens size medium to large.
Price: $301.08

LARP Elven Body Armour

LARP Elven Body Armour DC-506
The LARP Elven Body Armour is an Elven-style two piece body armour. Matching greaves and bracers also available.
Price: $207.48

LARP Etched Breastplate

LARP Etched Breastplate DC-504
16th century LARP Etched Breastplate with optional matching backplate, moulded from an original. Complete with straps.
Price: $319.80

LARP Flemish Breastplate

LARP Flemish Breastplate DC-499
15th Century LARP Flemish Breastplate with fleur-de-lys design.
Price: $301.08

LARP Gothic Cuirass

LARP Gothic Cuirass DC-509
15th Century LARP Gothic Cuirass with fluting detail. Includes breastplate and backplate with fully articulated fauld and culet, complete with straps.
Price: $507.00

LARP Gothic Cuirass Verdigris Finish

LARP Gothic Cuirass Verdigris Finish DC-408
15th LARP Century Gothic Cuirass in a gold and verdigris finish. With fully articulated fauld and culet, complete with straps.
Price: $627.00

LARP Leather Muscle Breastplate

LARP Leather Muscle Breastplate DC-366
LARP Leather Muscle Breastplate with with backplate. Complete with straps and fittings.
Price: $301.08

LARP Milanese Breast and Backplate

LARP Milanese Breast and Backplate
15th Century LARP Milanese Breast and Backplate. Complete with straps.
Price: $301.08

LARP Muscle Breastplate

LARP Muscle Breastplate DC-497.
LARP Muscle Breastplate with backplate. Complete with all straps and fittings.
Price: $301.08

Medieval Emperor Breastplate 15th Century 65-11-2

Medieval Emperor Breastplate 15th Century
The Emperor Breastplate is a reproduction of a 15th Century German armour. This breastplate custom made to your measurements. You choose the steel gauge, finish. Optional back plate is sold separately.
Price: $345.00
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