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Roman Viking and Norman Footwear

Fine Quality Footwear
Welcome to our pages of Living History Footwear.

These shoes and boots have been designed to suit the needs of period re-enactors and living history groups as well as other re-enactment societies. They are the closest we've found to the original designs actually worn during the Medieval Period. The finest footwear from the best leather and of course each pair of boots and shoes is individually hand made by some of the best leather workers in Europe. They are available in Standard sizes or Custom made to order. These Items are custom made.

Shipping time is between 4 to 12 weeks.

Because of the natural materials used and real handcrafting, colors and appearances can deviate slightly from the pictures!

Early Viking Shoes LS-2003

Early Viking Shoes LS-2003
Our Early Viking Shoes have a leather upper construction with rubber soles.
Price: $171.00

Hedeba Shoes 10th Century LH-050

Hedeba Shoes 10th Century LH-050
10th century Viking / Norman Hedeba Shoes fit the needs of re-enactors for many time periods. Worn from the 6th through 15th centuries. The original shoes were found during an archeological dig at Hedeba.
Price: $210.00

Low Suede Viking Boots

Suede Viking Ankle Boots 100860
These suede ankle boots are comfortable and versatile. Soft suede uppers with a rubber sole, available in men's whole sizes.
Price: $65.00

Roman Marching Boots Caligae LH-010

Roman Marching Boots Caligae LH-010
Our Roman Marching Boots Caligae were worn by the Roman Legion for the long march and the long campaign that often followed it. The hobnails kept the sole from wearing out too quickly.
Price: $381.00