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Functional Suits of Armour

Cuirassier Half Armour, Jousting Armour, Black and White Armour and Steel Armour Stands
Medieval and Renaissance Armour

Welcome to our pages of European Arms and Armour.

Our armour has been designed to suit the needs of collectors, period re-enactors/living history groups as well as other re-enactment societies.

Each piece of armour is individually hand crafted by some of the best plattner's in Europe. They are able to study in depth original pieces from museums and private collections in Europe. Old-World craftsmanship ensures attention to detail. The bowls are dished with hammers not pressed by machines. The armour is true to the originals and is professionally made, using a minimum of modern processes.

The armour can be constructed to your preference of 14, 16 or 18-gauge steel. The armor can custom made to your measurements or choose standard off the rack armour. Each piece of armor is fully functional. This armour can be used for either Display or for SCA, Live Steel and Stage Fighting!

Shipping time is normally between 4 to 12 weeks. (Some items may take longer)

Whether you desire museum quality display pieces or battle ready jousting armour we feel confident you can find it here.
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