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Tall Boots

Tall Boots
Our finest quality boots are constructed using 100% USA products. The leather is first quality cowhide - this means no range marks (scars) in the finish. The boots are machine sewn, NOT hand sewn. This means all seams are even and equally strong-no weak points to give or break under the stress of wearing.

See our Shaft Size Chart to Ensure A Proper Fit For Your Leg.
Regular and Plus Sizes Available!


Corsair Tall Boot 20-063

Corsair Steampunk Tall Boot 20-063
Our line of boots continues to grow with the addition of our Corsair Tall Boot, a Steampunk tall boot for men. A great boot for the Renfaire too!

Sku:20-063  Price: $95.00 

Jolly Roger Tall Boot R-020

Jolly Roger Tall Boot R-020
Our newest and finest tall boot ever. First quality cow leather with a sewn in gusset up the back.

Sku:R-020  Price: $350.00 

Ladies Pirate Boots 101042

Ladies Pirate Boots
Our Ladies Pirate Boots tall leather boots are very comfortable to wear and have a rubber sole. The Ladies Pirate Boots are perfect for our Mary Read Pirate ensemble.

Sku:101042  Price: $132.00 

Rebellion Tall Boot 20-R-29

Rebellion Tall Boot 20-R-29
Our Rebellion Tall boot is the best value anywhere. Our thigh boot is a 100% leather upper. Inner ankle has a slit that opens to allow the wearer to easily put the boot on, then laces shut for a truly period look.

Sku:20-R-29  Price: $129.00 

Virgin Queen Tall Boots R-021

Virgin Queen Tall Boots R-021
The perfect boot for the Renaissance or medieval wedding!

Sku:R-021  Price: $315.00