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Roman Period Footwear

Roman Period Footwear
We are happy to provide rare examples of footwear through the ages. You've told us how hard they are to come by, so we researched some common types and found styles that would cover many of your needs for time and place. Have no fear with fit, these are left and right, not the common last that was dominant during the day.

Men's Gladiator Sandals

Men's Gladiator Sandals 34-Roman15
Our Men's Gladiator Sandals are sure to turn the heads of your fans and enemies alike.
Price: $59.98

Men's Roman Sandals

Men's Roman Sandals
Our Men's Roman Sandals are the perfect compliment to finish out your Roman Costume.
Price: $44.98

Men's Roman Wrap Sandals

Men's Roman Wrap Sandals Roman-12
Our Men's Roman Wrap Sandals are the perfect sandal to add to your Roman, Greek, or Caesar Costume.
Price: $39.98

Roman Marching Boots Caligae LH-010

Roman Marching Boots Caligae LH-010
Our Roman Marching Boots Caligae were worn by the Roman Legion for the long march and the long campaign that often followed it. The hobnails kept the sole from wearing out too quickly.
Price: $381.00

Roman Marching Sandals Caliga

Roman Marching Sandals Caliga AH-3872
These Roman Marching Sandals Caliga have Ankle high leather with leather sole and lace closure. Sole includes hobnails. Mens whole sizes 8-11.
Price: $125.00

Roman Sandals 29-GB0904

Roman Sandals 29-GB0904
Our Roman Reenactor Sandals are authentically patterned for the Roman reenactor. Leather uppers, studded leather soles.
Price: $92.00
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