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Musical Instruments for Early Music

Early Music Instruments - Music Instruments - Bagpipes - Lutes - Drums - Books - CD's

Musical Instruments for Early Music- Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque European Classical Music. We sell Medieval Pipes, Bagpipes, Medieval Drums, Bodhran, Lutes Smallpipes, Electronic Bagpipes and Accessories.

Music Instructional Materials

Instructional Music Materials
Instructional Music Materials- Instructional Books, CD's & DVD's for the new musician!

Music Instrument Tuners

Music Instrument Tuners
Music Instrument Tuners- electronic tuners, tone generators, chromatic tuners, tuning tools, tuning key, etc...

Percussion Musical Instruments

Percussion Instruments
Percussion- Agogos, Bells, Noisemakers, Rattles, & More!

String Instruments

String Instruments - Early Music String Instruments
String Instruments - Early Music String Instruments, Lutes, Guitar Lutes, Balalaika, Accessories and Cases.

Wind Instruments

Musical Wind Instruments
Wind Instruments - Modern and Medieval Bagpipes, Flutes, Shawms, Bombards, Reeds and Accessories.