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Roman Camp Gear

Roman Period Camp Gear

Are you ready for the Medieval or Roman Camp Fire? Here we have you Roman Pick Axe, Roman Camp Fire Grate and your Roman Folding Stool. Check our other Roman Section too.

Medieval Cooking Pan AH-4385

Medieval Cooking Pan AH-4385
Our Medieval Cooking Pan is styled after the pans that were used back in the medieval era.  Made of iron, and great addition for you medieval re-enactment collection.
Price: $44.00

Roman Cooking Pot

Roman Cooking Pot AH-3982-B
This historically accurate Roman Cooking Pot is made from Brass.
Price: $36.00

Roman Leather Bag

Roman Leather Bag
The Roman Leather Bag is skillfully patterned after the ones seen on Trajan’s column.  Every soldierly reenactor will want one of these items to hold personal gear.
Price: $175.00

Roman Legion Canteen AH-3982-C

Roman Legion Canteen
The Roman Legion Canteen is a Steel canteen with brass fittings. Accurate Roman Gear!
Price: $65.00

Roman Legion Cooking Pan Patera AH-3982-N

Roman Legion Cooking Pan Patera
Roman Legion Cooking Pan, or Patera, is a newly redesigned Roman cooking and eating pan. Accurate Roman Gear!
Price: $105.00

Roman Pick Axe

Roman Pick Axe
Our historically accurate version of a Roman Pick Axe includes brass guard and hardwood handle. Overall 30 Inches.
Price: $82.95

Roman Situla AH-3982-S

Roman Situla
Here is our Roman Situla. Situla, from the Latin for bucket or pail, is a term for a variety of elaborate bucket-shaped vessels from the Iron Age to the Middle Ages, usually with a handle at the top.  
Price: $115.00

Roman Stove AH-3983

Roman Stove
This Roman Stove is an excellent camp item. This heavy duty Roman stove has places to heat water in addition to the grill. The grill cross braces move. 
Price: $240.00

Roman Wooden Folding Stool AH-6019-W

Roman Wooden Folding Stool AH-6019-W
Our Roman Folding Stool is made of wood and will last for years.
Price: $185.00

Roman Writing Tablet With Bronze Tool

Roman Writing Tablet With Bronze Tool AH-3989
Our Roman Writing Tablet with Bronze Tool was commonplace in the Roman Empire. While paper was extremely expensive, wax tablets were a common medium of recording information, both in civilian life and in the military.
Price: $60.00
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