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Men's Costume Boots and Shoes

Our Men's costume Boots and Shoes Collection lets you complete your look from head to toe this Halloween. Find men's costume boots  and shoes in many sizes and styles that will give your costume a finished look.


Gothic Men's Boots 34-1075

Gothic Men's Boots 34-1075
Our Gothic Men's Boots feature a rugged sole and are knee length.

Sku:34-1075  Price: $67.98 

Men's Gladiator Sandals 34-1064

Men's Gladiator Sandals 34-Roman15
Our Men's Gladiator Sandals are sure to turn the heads of you fans and enemies alike.

Sku:34-1064  Price: $49.98 

Men's Knightly Boots 34-1067

Men's Knightly Boots 34-1067
Our Mens Knightly Boots have a very clean design, making them quite versatile.

Sku:34-1067  Price: $56.95 

Men's Period Knee Boots 34-1068

Men's Period Knee Boots 34-1068
Our Mens Period Knee Boots are the perfect addition to your Medieval or Pirate themed outfit.

Sku:34-1068  Price: $61.00 

Men's Pirate Boots 34-1069

Men's Pirate Boots 34-1069
Our Mens Pirate Boots are the perfect finishing touch for your Medieval or Pirate themed outfit.

Sku:34-1069  Price: $63.00 

Men's Pirate Boots 34-1071

Men's Pirate Boots 34-Pirate100
Our Men's Pirate Boots are crafted from a supple synthetic leather and have a rounded toe and 1" heel.

Sku:34-1071  Price: $47.98 

Men's Renaissance Shoes 34-1053

Men's Renaissance Shoes 34-Renaissance10
Our Men's Renaissance Shoes offer a comfortable alternative to boots or sandals.

Sku:34-1053  Price: $34.95 

Men's Roman Sandals 34-1063

Men's Roman Sandals 34-Roman16
Our Men's Roman Sandals are the perfect compliment to finish out your Roman Costume.

Sku:34-1063  Price: $41.98 

Men's Roman Wrap Sandals 34-1062

Men's Roman Wrap Sandals 34-Roman12
Our Men's Roman Wrap Sandals are the perfect sandal to add to your Roman, Greek, or Caesar Costume.

Sku:34-1062  Price: $33.98 

Rogue Boots 26-101493

Rouge Boots 26-101493
Our Rouge Boots are dashing boots with a real rustic appearance while maintaining a true heroic look. The soft faux leather (polyurethane) makes these knee high boots extremely comfortable to wear.

Sku:26-101493  Price: $84.00 

Side Laced Boots 34-1066

Side Laced Boots 34-Indian100
Our Side Laced Boots will go nicely with just about any period, even Indian outfits.

Sku:34-1066  Price: $49.98 

Spartacus Roman Sandals 34-1110

Spartacus Roman Sandals 34-1110
Our Spartacus Roman Sandals are the perfect compliment to finish out your Roman or Gladiator Costume.

Sku:34-1110  Price: $49.98 

Super Hero (Black) Adult Boots 38-19637

Super Hero (Black) Adult Boots 38-19637
With our Super Hero (Black) Adult Boots you can complete your favorite hero costume!

Sku:38-19637  Price: $39.99 

Tall Villager Boots 34-1065

Tall Villager Boots 34-RENAISSANCE100
Our Tall Villager Boot comes up to just below the knee and has a wrap around front that laces on the side of the boot for closure.

Sku:34-1065  Price: $49.99