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Decorative Steampunk Firearms

It's our timeless, Decorative Steampunk Firearms Collection.  Be cool and futuristic with a sense of the past with these display pieces that are sure to be conversation pieces.

Airship Captain’s Katana

Airship Captain’s Katana 26-501393
Protecting the skies from airship pirates is a dangerous job…but not with a good sword by your side. This wondrous Airship Captain’s Katana is a marvel to behold! Measuring almost 39” in overall length, the katana blade is made of forged, carbon steel.
Price: $175.50

Steampunk LARP Glaive

Vibro-Glaive Latex Steampunk
This Steampunk glaive is made from tough, layered foam latex and a specially developed paint- for long lasting play and a crack resistant finish. This item features a round flexible fiberglass core wrapped in kevlar tape.
Price: $75.99

Steampunk Pistol 18-8883

Steampunk Pistol
Here is our Steampunk Pistol. When in need of a firearm, true professionals turn to the collection of Colonel J. Fizziwigs to provide the perfect balance of style and power.
Price: $32.00

Steampunk Pistol 18-8884

Steampunk Pistol
When in need of a firearm, true professionals turn to the collection of Colonel J. Fizziwigs to provide the right balance of style and power. This Steampunk Pistol combines form and function into the ideal gun for dealing with dangerous situations.
Price: $28.50

The Annialator MK.II C/2 18-8316

The Annialator MK.II C/2
The annialator is the flagship piece of this collection offering such power hitherto only available to nature itself. The newly patented conversion capacitor converts the accumulated steam.
Price: $130.00

The Steampunk Big Daddy 18-8319

The Steampunk Big Daddy
Affectionately known as the Steampunk Big Daddy, without a doubt the most ambitious piece of fine engineering ever produced to date.
Price: $50.00

The Steampunk C.O.D. 18-8317

The Steampunk C.O.D.
Small enough to tuck away in a handbag, muff or garter this trusty item is simple enough to use for any woman. This is not real metal, it is a collector's item.
Price: $30.00

The Steampunk Combobulator 18-8318

The Steampunk Combobulator
The Steampunk Combobulator M.IX features the newly patented Fission Fed Cartridges, another first for CJF Industries offering you, the discerning customer an experience like no other.
Price: $36.00

The Steampunk Consolidator 18-8323

The Steampunk Consolidator
The Steampunk Consolidator is a MK.I model, utilizing and advancing the technology of the Resilient Valve, it offers power but with grace. Like our C.O.D , it is an ideal size for concealment.
Price: $30.00

The Steampunk Liberator MK.III 18-8320

The Steampunk Liberator MK.III
This indisputably fine piece of machinery is the Steampunk Liberator MK.III and features new improved steam pressure controls than the MK.II. An extra chamber for those inconvenient moments.
Price: $56.00

The Steampunk Thresher MK.II Ionizer 18-8321

The Steampunk Thresher MK.II Ionizer
Sleek, small, and above all else a dastardly powerful little beggar. If small is indeed the future then the Steampunk Thresher MK.II Ioniser personifies it beautifully.
Price: $30.00

The Steampunk Vaporiser 18-8322

The Steampunk Vaporiser
The Resilient Valve Fed M.IV Steampunk Vaporiser is the ideal sidearm for a man who likes to travel and has an amiable temperament about his persona.
Price: $45.00
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