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Windlass Mail Armour (Hauberks & Coifs)

Windlass Mail Armour

We offer a wide variety of Chain Mail Shirts for any SCA, Medieval or LARP event. We have the Roman Mail shirt, Riveted Mail Haulberk, Bishop's Mantle, Butted Chainmail, Blacken Chainmail, Flatten Steel Chainmail and Plated Chainmail.

Blackened Steel Chainmail Coif

Blackened Steel Chainmail Coif 26-300076
Our Blackened Steel Coif is made from intimidating butted armor, which has been blackened for moisture resistance. Reminiscent of the Black Prince, who purposefully let his mail darken to a blackish hue.
Price: $102.00

Blackened Steel Chainmail Shirt

Blackened Steel Chainmail Shirt 26-300058
Our Blackened Steel Shirt is the same as the mail coif. Shirt is 54" around chest. Sleeves hang just below the elbow. Approx. 33" from top of shoulder to hem line. 23 lbs.
Price: $257.00

Butted Steel Chainmail Coif

Butted Steel Chainmail Coif 300188
Our Butted Steel Coif is the least expensive mail we've ever offered! Mail was celebrated in poetry and the sagas, being referred to as the Shirt of Odin, the Byrnie, hard and hand linked and the Net of Battle.
Price: $68.00

Butted Steel Chainmail Shirt

Butted Steel Chainmail Shirt 26-300170
Our Butted Steel Mail shirt fits up to a 54in chest, 33in long shirt, sleeves are approximately 18in and hang to just below the elbows on average height warriors.
Price: $189.00

Faux Mail Tunic and Coif Ensemble

Faux Mail Tunic and Coif Ensemble 101568
Our Faux Mail Tunic and Coif Ensemble are perfect for theatrical productions where real mail is too heavy or noisy. Made of a poly cotton material, these look like real metal under lights. Includes mail shirt, coif and mantle.
Price: $79.00

Heros Mail Coif

Heros Mail Coif 26-300088
We are proud to offer the peak of the armorer's art (and patience) as it pertains to mail. The smaller and finer worked the rings are, the more protection offered.
Price: $131.00

Heros Mail Shirt

Heros Mail Shirt 26-300042
The Hero's Mail Armor Shirt featured smaller and finer worked rings are, providing more protection. We are proud to offer the peak of the armorer's art and patience as it pertains to mail.
Price: $315.00

Mesh Mail Shirt

Mesh Mail Shirt 26-300433
Our Mesh Mail Shirt most closely resembles what J.R.R. Tolkien called Mithril; we call it the finest and lightest shirt we have ever offered. The super small links are made of 028 gauge, 216 stainless steel so it won't get dull or tarnish.
Price: $442.00

Plated Brass Mail Armor Coif

Plated Brass Mail Armor Coif 26-300122
The Steel rings of the Plated Brass Coif are butted and plated with brass for long lasting good looks. Wt.-5 lbs. 8 oz.
Price: $92.00

Plated Brass Mail Shirt

Plated Brass Chain Mail Shirt 26-300102
The Plated Brass Shirt has Brass plating over our butted steel links. A great looking statement, especially when the sun hits.
Price: $228.00

Riveted Aluminum Chainmail Armor Coif

Riveted Aluminum Chainmail Armor Coif 26-300150
Perfect for re-enactors or stage performers who need authentic looks, but don't want authentic weight! This extremely light mail utilizes aluminum rings which have been riveted for durability.
Price: $146.00

Riveted Aluminum Chainmail Armor Shirt

Riveted Aluminum Chainmail Armor Shirt 26-300138
The Riveted Aluminum Shirt has the same links as the aluminum coif and size as the other shirts in our line-up, but at a scant 20 lbs. Incredible protection at an even better weight.
Price: $412.00
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