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Steampunk and Gothic Wristwear

Our Steampunk and Gothic Wrist-wear section contains bracelets, watches, and cufflinks.

Tattoo Gun Bracelet 17-ULA3

Tattoo Gun Bracelet 17-ULA3
Tattoo Gun Bracelet Bracelet is Made in the UK featuring a solid, 3-dimensional, twin tattoo guns bracelet on heavy link chain. With engraved "UL13 INK" scrolls.
Price: $68.95

Tears of Grief Black Lace Bracelet

Tears of Grief Black Lace Bracelet 17-A95
This Tears of Grief Black Lace Bracelet creates a delicate accessory with a heavy dose of elegance that any gothic madam or maiden is sure to love. 
Price: $50.00

Telford Chronocogulator Timepiece Watch

Telford Chronocogulator Timepiece Watch Pewter Alchemy 17-AW23
Our Telford Chronocogulator Timepiece, which merges the old concept of a wrist watch with all the new technologies of a steampunk world. This handsome wrist watch replicates the cast iron framework using antiqued pewter.
Price: $140.00

The Black Baron Technician's Wingstrap

The Black Baron Technician's Wingstrap 17-A100
The Black Baron Wingstrap Bracelet is crafted in two-toned pewter and set on a dark brown split leather strap, this accent depicts a gear-powered wing in bronze and silver.
Price: $51.00

The Death of Byron Fob Watch

The Death of Byron Fob Watch Pewter Alchemy 17-AW25
The Death of Byron Pocket Watch brings a dark and deathly style to the table that justifies Lady Lambs words. Inspired by elements from his life, the pocket watch features a monk-cowled skull, a quill pen, a bottle of laudanum.
Price: $75.00

The Dogaressas's Last Love Bracelet

The Dogaressas's Last Love Bracelet 17-A104
Our Dogaressa Last Love Bracelet features an ornate design that suspends a blue Swarovski crystal heart. Another large oval crystal forms the centerpiece of the gothic bracelet, surrounded by a skull and gothic trefoil details. 
Price: $63.00

The Nevermore Fob Watch

The Nevermore Fob Watch Pewter Alchemy 17-AW17
Our Nevermore Fob Watch is a sumptuously rich Victorian indulgence and the epitome of the great Edgar Allan Poe, a pewter, hinged-lidded pocket watch incorporating a cryptic 'POE' monogram and engraved with extracts from his most famous and sorrowful verse, 'The Raven'.
Price: $78.00

The Temptation of Havva Bracelet

The Temptation of Havva Bracelet 17-A79
The Temptation of Havva Bracelet is the embodiment of both Eve and the Fall of Man.
Price: $69.00

Thunderhammer Bracelet

Thunderhammer Bracelet 17-A98
This Celtic Thunderhammer Leather Bracelet is an impressive hammer gives you a Norse accent that any Viking would eagerly wear, depicting Thors Mjolnir hammer adorned with Celtic knot patterns.
Price: $40.00

Vamp Bangle Bracelet

Vamp Bangle Bracelet 17-A76
Our Vamp Bangle Bracelet is stylish wrist-ware for the fashionable vampire sympathiser; with Swarovski crystal fang & etched cross finial detail. (Companion ring 17-R152). One size Adjustable.
Price: $40.00

Vertebrae Bracelet

Vertebrae Bracelet 17-A29
This Vertebrae Bracelet is a metalized spine of a vanquished predator that forms this articulated accent. This bangle style bracelet is hinged in two places with a safety chain and lobster clasp closure. 
Price: $55.00

Vis Viva Dragon Bracelet

Vis Viva Dragon Bracelet 17-A88
This Vis Viva Dragon Bracelet is a lively accessory with impressive detailing and a style fit for all occasions. Vis Viva is Latin for Living Force, which was once a scientific theory about the mechanics of energy.
Price: $70.00