Steampunk and Gothic Bags and Purses

Our Steampunk and Gothic Bags and Purses contains Shoulder Bags, Purses, Wallets, and more.

10,000 Leagues Gladstone World Traveller Bag

10,000 Leagues Gladstone World Traveller Bag 17-LG66
When you do not know where your journey will take you, a good Gladstone might be just the sort of travel bag you need. This 10,000 Leagues Gladstone Bag will fit the bill perfectly, thanks to its hardly construction and its surplus of space. 
Regular Price: $410.00
On Sale For: $335.00

Alchemist Biker Wallet

Alchemist Black Biker Wallet Alchemy LG67
The wallet is crafted entirely in quality black leather and stamped with an engraved pattern of the Alchemist skull holding a black rose between its teeth. Attached to the wallet is a 14 inch long steel chain which connects to a leather belt loop adorned with a cast pewter skull. 
Price: $53.00

Aventurer Bag 65-6-10

Aventurer Bag 65-6-10
Our Aventurer Bag is perfect for a trip to the faire or on your airship. Roomy enough for your feast gear or your goggles and other Steampunk accessories.
Price: $199.00

Beretta Shoulder Bag

Beretta Shoulder Bag Leather Black Alchemy LG53
With an embossed leather Beretta Shoulder Bag, decorated with two Swarovski crystals, this Beretta Shoulder Bag blends dangerous attitude with gothic style in a chic and impressive way. It is a great accent for any lady to carry. T
Price: $225.00

Black Leather Bat Purse

Black Leather Bat Purse LG46
This sculpted Black Leather Bat Purse shaped purse is sure to make a statement. This Bat Purse features a zip-top and curb chain strap, ensuring that it adds both style and function to any ensemble it is paired with.
Price: $60.00

Black Leather Skully Satchel

Black Leather Skully Satchel Alchemy  LG70
This real leather satchel makes an excellent bag for carrying all of your necessities when you are on the go! A 3D, gunmetal pewter Skully emblazons the front of the Black Leather Skully Satchel, offering instant attitude.
Price: $250.00

Bone Casket Handbag

Black Leather Bone Casket Handbag Alchemy LG36
This leather handbag features an engravable pewter plaque. The Bone Casket Handbag features pewter bone handles and is lined with burgundy velour. The Bone Casket Handbag is 12 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 3 inches deep. 
Price: $190.00

Coffin Back Pack

Leather Black Coffin Back Pack Alchemy LG32
The Coffin Back Pack is made from the highest quality Italian black leather. This back pack features two top-zipped compartments and the front has an appliqued black leather cross with Alchemy's black rose A badge.
Price: $135.00

Coffin Purse

Leather Coffin Purse Alchemy LG6
Soft black leather purse or cigarette case, with zipped side opening. The Coffin Purse features a zipped side opening on a 15 inch curb chain. The coffin purse measures 6 inches high, 4 inches wide, and 2 inches deep.
Price: $52.00

Coffin Wallet

Leather Black Coffin Wallet Alchemy LG15
This coffin is quite luxurious, being made in high quality leather, with large bank-note section, several card pockets and eyelet hole for chain attachment. This leather Coffin Wallet measures 6 inches high and 4 inches wide. 
Price: $59.00

Coup D'elegance Hangbag

Coup D'elegance Hangbag Alchemy LG64
This stylish bag is the final blow when it comes to setting yourself up with a truly impressive gothic style. The Coup D'elegance Shoulder Bag would make a fine addition to any daring femmes attire, thanks to its own impressive level of attitude. 
Price: $175.00

Damned Love Purse

Leather Black Damned Love Purse Alchemy LG57
For girls with a gothic heart, this vintage style black leather purse features a contrasting washed-black canvas heart. The Damned Love Purse includes a zip-top opening and an adjustable strap, blending function and beauty. 
Price: $59.00

Empire Aviator Pouch

Empire Leather Black Aviator Pouch Alchemy LG60
Gentleman officer's belt pouch of vintage cotton canvas and leather, with mobile phone and pen pockets. The Empire Aviator Pouch is a great bag to have, allowing you to carry your things in steampunk style and ease. 
Regular Price: $90.00
On Sale For: $85.00

Empire Captainette Purse

Empire Captainette Purse Black Canvas Alchemy LG61
High-flying adventures shoulder purse of vintage cotton canvas and leather, the Empire Captainette Purse has an adjustable strap and a style that makes it perfect for adding detail to any ladies gothic or steampunk look. 
Price: $80.00

Empire Intrepid Valise Black Shoulder Bag

Empire Intrepid Valise Black Shoulder Bag Alchemy LG62
This Empire Intrepid Valise is a heavy-duty, adventurers shoulder bag hand-made from vintage cotton canvas and leather, with concealed zipped compartments and various pockets for mobile phone, pens, and more.
Regular Price: $269.00
On Sale For: $249.00

Eye of Providence Handbag

Eye of Providence Leather Handbag Alchemy LG58
An eerily realistic enameled metal and leather eye unflinchingly peers from the front flap of this stylish shoulder bag. Let the all-seeing eye on this Eye of Providence Handbag keep an eye on your things for a while. 
Price: $143.00

Steampunk Attache Bag

Steampunk Attache Bag Alchemy LG71
An indispensable compass pouch for the seasoned cloud pilot, this vintage cotton canvas and leather purse makes a charming steampunk accessory. The Steampunk Attache Bag features a detailed front print.
Price: $77.00

Steampunk Engineer Tablet Pouch

Steampunk Engineer Tablet Pouch  LG68
In any world and any setting, it is important to always have your tools ready and at your side. For tech-savvy individuals, this Steampunk Engineer Tablet Pouch offers the perfect way to keep your tablet close at hand. 
Price: $165.00

Trooper Engineer Tablet Pouch

Trooper Engineer Tablet Black Pouch Alchemy  LG69
For a practical way to carry about your technological gadgets, nothing beats the Gothic Trooper Tablet Pouch. Made from black canvas and leather, this gothic bag is a stunning option for keeping your tablet within easy reach. 
Price: $165.00

Wing Commander's Attache Pouch

Wing Commanders Attache Pouch Alchemy LG64
The Wing Commander's Attache Pouch is a rugged and effective bag. It was designed to be used by a reckless, duty-bound officer with adventure written in their genes. The bag is made from quality vintage canvas and makes for a great all-purpose bag.
Price: $130.00