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Harry Potter Officially Licensed Replicas

Now, Harry Potter Officially Licensed Replicas, are available for the first time, fans can enjoy a collection of truly authentic Harry Potter costume reproductions. Each piece has been thoroughly researched at the Warner Brothers facilities in England and then meticulously reproduced using the films' original wardrobe components and props as reference.

Each of these collectible costumes looks, feels and fits exactly like the original worn on-screen.  In addition, every piece in the Harry Potter Film Replica Costumes Collection bears a full color hand tag - guaranteeing its authenticity as a licensed collectible.

Look for more photos soon to show the detail of these elaborate costumes. 

Harry Potter Glasses

Harry Potter Glasses
Our Harry Potter Glasses are fully licensed, metal framed Harry Potter Glasses with plastic lenses.
Price: $8.00

Harry Potter Quidditch Goggles

Harry Potter Quidditch Goggles 26-883526
Our Harry Potter Quidditch Goggles are officially licensed Quidditch goggles from Harry Potter are handcrafted out of the finest materials with amazingly detailed golden snitch icons.
Price: $15.00

Hogwarts School Uniform Sweater with Tie 26-883501

Hogwarts School Uniform Sweater with Tie 26-883501
The Hogwarts School Uniform Sweater with Tie is worn during lessons, while eating and while studying.
Price: $82.00

Professor Snape Pants

Professor Snape Pants 26-883514
Our Professor Snape Pants completes Professor Snape's Outfit with these matching wool navy blue pants, which have a slight bell bottom shape and feature decorative buttons at ankles.
Price: $68.00