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Leather Gauntlets

Leather Hand Armour - High Quality Leather Armour, Suitable for SCA fighting. Armour Grade Leather Gauntlets.

Civil War Gauntlets - Union Enlisted Men's White Leather

Civil War Gauntlets - Union Enlisted Men's White Leather 26-200812
Made from white leather, these Civil War enlisted men's gauntlets have un-embroidered, wide cuffs.
Price: $58.95

Leather Demi Gauntlets BTS-2127

Leather Demi Gauntlets BTS-2127
Fully articulated leather forearm protection. Our Leather Demi Gauntlets are made from 13-15 oz armour grade leather or lighter 8-10 oz LARP leather plates.
Price: $95.00

Leather Half Gauntlets BTS-2125

Leather Half Gauntlets BTS-2125
These Leather Half Gauntlets meet SCA standards and fit nicely into rattan shield baskets. One size fits all!
Price: $64.95

Leather Mitten Gauntlets

Leather Mitten Gauntlets
These fully articulated leather mitten gauntlets are styled from armor of about 1450. Made from 13-15 oz leather plates, they include internal leather straps and come with articulated thumb plates. Ties at cuff.
Price: $115.00
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