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Steampunk and Gothic Goggles and Eyewear

Steampunk and Gothic Goggles and Eyewear consist of goggles and monacles in every form imaginable!

Cybersteam Goggles

Cybersteam Goggles 26-803864
These Cybersteam Goggles are a great affordable pair of steampunk eyewear. This wonderful eyewear has soft rubber around each eye cup and an adjustable elastic strap for easy fit.
Price: $25.00

Cybersteam Monocle

Cybersteam Monocle 26-803866
This imposing monocle will give a distinguished look to just about any airship pirate. This wonderful eyepiece has soft rubber around the eye cup and an adjustable elastic strap for easy fit.
Price: $10.00

Folding Oculator Encompassor Binoculars

Folding Oculator Encompassor Binoculars w/ Compass
This is, by far, the most unique steampunk device we have ever offered! This little ditty could have sat on the desk of Jules Verne himself. This all brass, fully machined piece unfolds and transforms to create a small pair of portable binoculars.
Price: $38.00

Monovision Monocle

Monovision Monocle 26-803865
Fantasy or Sci-Fi? Steampunk or Mad Max? No matter your costuming choice, this industrial looking Monovision Monocle is a great accessory to add to a variety of unique costumes.
Price: $10.00

Rosenstein's Optical Rarefying Dilator

Rosenstein's Optical Rarefying Dilator Pewter Alchemy EP1
Our Rosenstein's Optical Rarefying Dilator is a gloriously versatile ophthalmic device, with option settings for X-Ray, inverted, or magnified vision.
Price: $145.00

Steampunk Monocle

Steampunk Monocle Pewter Alchemy EP2
Believed to be the first optical device to successfully filter polarized light waves (however, the striated glass element has sadly been lost). Richly made in steampunk style, this Steampunk Monocle is a clever accent..
Price: $33.00

Steampunk Watchmaker Magnifying Lens

Steampunk Watchmaker Magnifying Lens 21-23ML
Here's just the thing the Steampunk guy or gal with glasses needs to finish their outfit- a horological steampunk eyepiece. Clips on glasses, providing the wearer with a magnifying lens and our patented Chronometer's Sighting Sprocket. Made in lead free pewter in the US.
Price: $19.98

Victorian Magificator

Victorian Magificator 26-802851
This is a great magnifying piece for your desk or travel bag. This rich Victorian magnificator has a large 4X lens mounted in an ornate antique bronze fitting. A faux horn handle and matching finial complete this beautiful piece.
Price: $34.00

Winged Goggles

Winged Goggles 26-201283
These winged goggles are a great pair of unique eye wear suitable for many outfits! Made of plastic with an antique gold finish and brown suede-like wings. The intricate wing details give these goggles a metallic look.
Price: $14.95
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