Steampunk and Gothic Necklaces

We have Steampunk and Gothic Necklaces in every style, from chokers to long chains.

Vanitas Memento Mori Locket

Vanitas Memento Mori Locket Pewter Alchemy P673
The only certain thing about Death is that it is the end of all things. The Vanitas Memento Mori Locket shows the duality of life and death, while hiding a secret. The hinged head splits in the center to reveal an opening for holding keepsakes.
Price: $45.00

Ventus Traction Farthing Pendant

Ventus Traction Farthing Pendant Pewter Alchemy P651
This is one gadget that any inventor would be proud of. The Ventus Traction Farthing Pendant depicts clever modifications to a penny-farthing, which transform this humble cycle into a wondrous flying machine! 
Price: $42.00

Viennese Nights Necklace

Viennese Nights Pendant Pewter Alchemy P701
Decorative Renaissance scrollwork fashions the bodies of the quintessential creatures of the night in the design of this necklace. The Viennese Nights Necklace features a large bat with a dark Swarovski crystal forming the body. 
Price: $53.00

Whitby Wyrm Necklace

Whitby Wyrm Necklace Pewter Alchemy P323
The Whitby Wyrm Pendant depicts the legendary beast of the antichrist known to North Yorkshire. Represented as a rampant dragon, this devilish wyrm forms a detailed figure of the classical medieval monster as it roars.
Price: $33.00

Wolf Pendant

Wolf Pendant Pewter Alchemy P252
The chilling sound of a wolf crying to the moon will send a shiver down the spine of whoever hears it. The Wolf Pendant depicts this very scene with the silhouette of a mournful wolf appearing against pearlescent white enamel. 
Price: $24.00

Wolverine Moon Pendant

Wolverine Moon Pendant Pewter Alchemy P229
The Wolverine Moon Pendant displays a trio of wolverines set around a round moonstone placed at the hilt of the knife. A second, smaller moonstone appears on the pommel. 
Price: $35.00