Steampunk and Gothic Necklaces

We have Steampunk and Gothic Necklaces in every style, from chokers to long chains.

A Fairy's Dream Necklace

A Fairy's Dream Necklace Pewter Alchemy P564
Spirits of the Otherworld chasing their dreams. With fired stainless steel filigree etched wing. The intricate dragonfly has vintage eau de nil tinted enameled wings. The Fairys Dream Necklace is handmade in pewter with a nickel-free chain.
Price: $82.00

A Murder of Crows Necklace

A Murder of Crows Necklace Pewter Alchemy P677
An intimidating but darkly beautiful collection of scattering corvidae is what you get when you wear the Murder of Crows Necklace. As ominous as it is, it brings only beauty when you add it to your collection.
Price: $105.00

A Rose for Eve Necklace

A Rose for Eve Pendant Pewter Alchemy P689
The cunning serpent knew his target well when he infiltrated the garden of biblical lore. A Rose for Eve Pendant embodies a sinister gift freely offered, the picture of foul poison veiled by dark, mysterious beauty. 
Price: $42.00

Absinthe Fairy Necklace

Absinthe Fairy Necklace Pewter Alchemy P526
The Absinthe Fairy Necklace features the spirit of wormwood rises from the absinthe-green enameled visage of mortality and has a Green Swarovski crystal.
Price: $45.00

Ace Of Spades Choker

Ace Of Spades Choker Pewter Alchemy ULFP17
Who needs a wild card when you have an ace up your sleeve? Aces are practically unbeatable in cards, and the same goes for style, as this Glittering Ace of Spades Choker brings some of Lady Lucks own appeal to your look.
Price: $43.00

Aces Up Necklace

Aces Up Necklace Pewter Alchemy ULFP21
Card games require a mix of luck and skill that quickly separates the card sharps from the novices. The Aces Up Necklace includes four different card suit. This gothic necklace display the four classic suits.
Price: $43.00

Alter Orbis Necklace

Alter Orbis Necklace Pewter Alchemy P722
Depicting a pitifully brutal end to mortal existence, this necklace portrays a cruel entry in the Other World. The Alter Orbis Necklace displays a skeleton in the torturous position of being strung up by its wrists.
Price: $35.50

Amber Dragon Thorhammer Pendant

Amber Dragon Thorhammer Pendant Pewter Alchemy P728
Viking protection talisman for a true lord. This Amber Dragon Thorhammer Pendant is a classic, ornate and highly intricate pagan amulet of power and protection, fit for a high ranking Saxon or Viking leader/warlord. 
Price: $43.00

Amon Ram Necklace

Amon Ram Pendant Pewter Alchemy P656
The old ways can be kept alive and well, if you so desire, by keeping their symbols near and dear to your heart. This Amon Ram Necklace allows you to wear an ancient Egyptian god's symbol as you would any great accessory. 
Price: $72.00

Angel Ring Pendant

Angel Ring Pendant Alchemy N203
The Angel Ring Pendant displays the symbols of the seven planetary angels in bright green enamel over the surface of the black loop. The reverse side is inscribed with their respective names, planets, and days.
Price: $25.00

Anguis Aeternus Pendant

Anguis Aeternus Pendant Pewter Alchemy P346
The Anguis Aeternus Pendant depicts the fierce form of a wyvern as it curls around a shimmering vitrail Swarovski crystal. The dragon pendant displays the creature as it loops around the colorful, faceted crystal of life.
Price: $33.00

Anguistralobe Pendant

Anguistralobe Pendant Pewter Alchemy P188
The Anguistralobe Pendant features a working miniature of the 18th century tool used to measure the path of destiny among heavenly bodies. The gothic instrument employs a dark design tailored to the crueler twists of fate.
Price: $36.00

Ankh of Tau Necklace

Ankh of Tau Necklace Pewter Alchemy Pendent P508
The Ankh of Tau Necklace combines an esoteric Tau cross with the wise and divine serpent to form its iconic ankh shape. This Egyptian symbol represents eternal life, giving meaningful context to this unusual cross pendant. 
Regular Price: $33.00
On Sale For: $31.00

Ankh of the Dead Pendant

Ankh of the Dead Pendant Pewter Alchemy P221
The Ankh of the Dead Pendant serves as a gothic talisman of eternity for a vampire with its secret life blood blade inside the symbolic scabbard. This Egyptian symbol displays several other hieroglyphs along its stem.
Price: $42.00

Apate's Duplicity Leather Choker

Apate's Duplicity Leather Choker Pewter Alchemy P675
It makes sense that a goddess of deceit would hide behind an inscrutable mask. This Apates Duplicity Leather Choker is would hide the Greek goddess quite perfectly, while still showing off her divine beauty and dark appeal. 
Price: $133.00

Aqua Dragon Necklace

Aqua Dragon Pendant Pewter Alchemy P646
Connected with the elements, dragons have long been symbolic of power. The Aqua Dragon Necklace symbolizes not only power, but majesty, beauty, and grace that can be found within the element that gives life - water.
Price: $71.00

Asmodeus Pendant

Asmodeus Necklace Pewter Alchemy P699
According to ancient myths, the union of a king and a succubus yielded one of the seven princes of hell, the demon of lust. The Asmodeus Pendant depicts his symbol, that of a horned demon skull with great gothic style. 
Price: $57.00

Bacchanal Rose Necklace

Bacchanal Rose Pendant Pewter Alchemy P700
This sumptuous necklace hints at a secret libertine passion for wine and other pleasures with its romantic motif. The Bacchanal Rose Necklace displays several black acrylic roses of various sizes in the center of the design. 
Price: $77.00

Balkan Revenant's Cross Pendant

Balkan Revenant's Cross Pendant Pewter Alchemy P482
The Balkan Revenants Cross Pendant displays a Greek Orthodox cross design, inscribed with a variety of protective sigils and several provincial names for the vampire - vlokoslak, upir, vrykolakas, and strigoii.
Price: $38.00

Bed Of Blood-Roses Necklace

Bed Of Blood Roses Necklace Pewter Alchemy P630
The heart can be tangled web of emotion and a perfect place for a black rose to flourish. These twinned concepts are depicted by the Bed of Blood-Roses Necklace, which features a complex yet radiant design perfect for any lady. 
Price: $122.00

Bestia Regalis Necklace

Bestia Regalis Necklace Pewter Alchemy P577
This dragon necklace depicts the guardian of the ornate entrance to a gothic sanctum of otherworld spirits. The Bestia Regalis Necklace has an articulated wing and an emerald Swarovski crystal held by the dragon tail.
Price: $48.00

Bindrune Hammer Pendant

Bindrune Hammer Pendant  Pewter Alchemy P338
Known from legend and myth, the powerful hammer of the Norse god Thor as depicted in the Bindrune Hammer Pendant offers a classic protection amulet. This Mjolnir pendant displays a detailed design with authentic styling. 
Price: $28.00

Birth of a Demon Pendant

Birth of a Demon Pendant Pewter Alchemy P622
Behold the skull of an emerging nightmare. The Birth Of A Demon Pendant depicts only the skull of a fledgling demon as it emerges into the world. This sinister skull glares maliciously as it hangs from a pair of chains. 
Price: $30.00

Bitten Choker Necklace

Bitten Choker Necklace Pewter Alchemy P558
Revenant bitten, always smitten. A soft band of velvet will caress your throat when you wear the elegant Bitten Choker Necklace. This vampire necklace displays an artistic depiction of the victim of a creature of the night. 
Price: $45.00

Black Cherry Skull Pendant

Black Cherry Pendant Pewter Alchemy ULFP19
Do not let the succulent design of this Black Cherry Skull Pendant fool you, as these dark fruits are anything but tasty! While not good eats, this pendant is certainly a good treat, though, as it can do wonders for your style. 
Price: $33.00

Black Dahlia Choker

Black Dahlia Choker Pewter Alchemy P674
Do you dare don the Black Dahlia Lace Choker? Named more for the flower, this accessory nevertheless features a mortal token at its core that reminds many of the origin of the name, while also enhancing the darkly gothic appeal. 
Price: $81.00

Black Knight's Cross Pendant

Black Knight's Cross Pendant Pewter Alchemy P617
If a good knight is awarded a medal for his valorous acts, then what is an evil knight given for his dastardly deeds? Perhaps it is something like the Black Knights Cross Pendant in support of his nefariousness. 
Price: $28.00

Black Raven Pendant

Black Pewter Raven Pendant Alchemy P193
Intelligent tricksters, ravens seem to follow wherever the darker elements of the world thrive. The Black Raven Pendant displays one of these gothic birds as it scans the ground below for potential prey or mischief. 
Price: $23.50

Black Romance Necklace

Black Romance Pendant Pewter Alchemy P610
This tortured heart appears in the Black Romance Necklace. It is a simple piece that is symbolic of the fine line that separates love from hate. It is far too easy to cross that line and become locked in a black romance. 
Price: $57.00

Black Trinity Trident Pendant

Black Trinity Trident  Necklace Pewter Alchemy P686
This three-pronged fork of the demons signifies the wearers intent to cast darkness over all that lies before them. Worn and wicked, few can deny the devilish appeal that is a part of the Black Trinity Trident Pendant. 
Price: $23.00

Blackadder Snake Pendant

Blackadder Snake Necklace Pewter Alchemy P653
A touch of old-world heraldry is revived in this Blackadder Snake Pendant, bringing a bit of historic design and detail to a stunningly gothic accessory, one that will assuredly entice the wearer with its venomous appeal.
Price: $23.00

Bleeding Heart Necklace

Bleeding Heart Necklace Pewter Alchemy P550
The Bleeding Heart Necklace features a cascadA cascade of crystal blood droplets pours from the cruel wounds of this tortured love. The Bleeding Heart Pendant displays a battered and bloody heart set among several skulls and ornate scrollwork details.
Price: $82.00

Blood Moon Pendant

Blood Moon Pendant Pewter Alchemy P447
The Blood Moon Pendant creates a scene from one of the most dangerous nights of the lunar calendar. This full moon pendant features a vivid red crystal accent surrounded by a colony of vampire bats in flight. 
Price: $38.00

Catafalque Necklace

Catafalque Necklace Pewter Alchemy P408
The Catafalque Necklace displays funerary grace as it hangs on its black ribbon. The gothic necklace displays a skull between foliate designs that supports an oval onyx drop stone surrounded by additional leaf details.
Price: $42.00

Catoptrauma Necklace

Catoptrauma Pendant Pewter Alchemy P668
Those who use the mirror to look to the future often see only darkness and doom. This Catoptrauma Necklace is an elegant accessory featuring a fine mirror cracked and shattered by the glimpse of a horrible fate. 
Price: $74.00

Caw at the Moon Pendant

Caw at the Moon Pendant Pewter Alchemy P735
Our Caw at the Moon Pendant has a glowing lunar disk that dramatically silhouettes an already black and portentous raven. It is perched above the earth in its otherworldly attentiveness. 
Price: $28.00

Celts Cross Pendant

Celts Cross Pendant Alchemy P8
The Celts Cross Pendant is a symbol of early Christianity in classical Celtic carved knot work. This Gothic knotwork cross pendant is cast and hand-made in fine English pewter and comes on a nickel-free chain. 
Price: $18.00

Chaosagram Pendant

Chaosagram Pendant Pewter Alchemy P650
Independently, the Chaos Star and the Pentagram are both exceptional and powerful symbols, each with their own meaning. Together, though, they become so much more, making this Chaosagram Pendant a great personal emblem. 
Price: $27.00

Chaosium Pendant

Chaosium Necklace Pewter Alchemy P501
A shimmering hematite cabochon form the nucleus of this mystery-shrouded symbol of anti-order and endless possibility. The Chaosium Pendant displays the eight arrows of chaos as they radiate from the metallic crystal.
Price: $28.00

Chaostar Pendant

Chaostar Pendant Pewter Alchemy P146
The Chaostar Pendant features eight arrows extending from a central point in a radial pattern. Alternately called the Chaos Cross or Arms of Chaos, this occult symbol originated in stories by Michael Moorcock. 
Price: $27.00

Clockwork Darter Steampunk Pendant

Clockwork Darter Steampunk Pendant Pewter Alchemy P588
A ubiquitous Victorian dragonfly that has been ingeniously brought up to the latest in technical specifications, the Clockwork Darter Steampunk Pendant is an absolutely brilliant piece of jewelry.
Price: $95.00

Cloud Pilots Sextant Pendant

Cloud Pilots Sextant Necklace Pewter Alchemy P694
No navigator should ever be without their Cloud Pilots Sextant Pendant! This tool is an essential navigational instrument that allows anyone to fully exploit their scientific knowledge when it comes to guiding airships.
Price: $57.00

Coco Casket Jewel Necklace

Coco Casket Jewel Pendant Pewter Alchemy P613
A 1920s art deco style, rectilinear aesthetic construct of the final resting place of the master designer of the era. This Coco Casket Jewel Necklace features a striking triangular-cut genuine Swarovski crystal drop and a smokey enamel tomb with embedded skeleton.
Price: $57.00

Coeur du Moteur Necklace

Coeur du Moteur Necklace Pewter Alchemy P708
The heart and soul of a mechanically-minded lover, this gear necklace bears the color of life-blood and the intricate workings of a complex mind. The Coeur du Moteur Necklace makes a great addition to steampunk attire. 
Price: $53.00

Coeur Noir Necklace

Coeur Noir Necklace Pewter Alchemy P410
The Coeur Noir Necklace displays a graceful black enameled heart flanked by a pair of angelic wings. This gothic necklace represents the thin line that exists between a fickle heart and love that surpasses death.
Price: $33.00

Coeur Sauvage Pendant

Coeur Sauvage Pendant Pewter Alchemy P446
The Coeur Sauvage Pendant is a conflicting beauty and duality of the heart. The Coeur Sauvage, French for savage heart, features a Swarovski crystal in the center. An advantage of this pewter Coeur Sauvage Pendant is that it does not need regular polishing.
Price: $43.00

Copper Astrology Sundial Ring Pendant 289-PC16AC

Copper Astrology Sundial Ring Pendant
Our Copper Astrology Sundial Ring Pendant is engraved with the Signs of the Zodiac. This bold pendant, handcrafted in copper and bronze, is a favorite.
Price: $44.95

Copper Celestial Sundial Ring Pendant 289-PC16CSC

Copper Celestial Sundial Ring Pendant 289-PC16CSC
Our Copper Celestial Sundial Ring Pendant is engraved with a cheerful celestial design with stars and moons. This bold pendant, handcrafted in copper and bronze, is a favorite.
Price: $39.95

Copper Celtic Sundial Ring Pendant 289-PC15CC

Copper Celtic Sundial Ring Pendant
Our Copper Celtic Sundial Ring Pendant is engraved with an authentic Celtic knotted design. This beautiful pendant, handcrafted in copper and bronze, is a favorite.
Price: $44.95

Corvus Machina Necklace

Corvus Machina Necklace Pewter Alchemy P567
The perfection of life force and the seat of the deepest desires of modern man. This brass-hinged locket has a magnetic catch, glass rods, and etched brass components. This Corvus Machina Necklace comes on a chain. 
Price: $94.00

Crox Sinestre Pendant

Crox Sinestre Pendant Pewter Alchemy P403
The Croix Sinestre Pendant offers a delicate, Victorian grave marking, decorated with a bright red Swarovski crystal in its center. This gothic cross pendant flares slightly at the end of each bar, ending in a long spike.
Price: $23.00

Crystal Heart Pendant

Crystal Heart Pendant Pewter Alchemy P711
Offering elegance with a pure heart of rainbow-spangled white crystal set among a foliate frame, this necklace displays Victorian charm with a gothic twist. The Victorian Crystal Heart Necklace makes a fantastic accessory.
Price: $23.00

Crystalwitch Pentagram Pendant

Crystalwitch Pentagram Pendant Pewter Alchemy P679
The principle icon of a spiritualist is often the pentagram, as it symbolizes mortal protection as well as the power of spirit over the earthly elements. In the Crystalwitch Pentagram Pendant, it is a stunning accent, too. 
Price: $74.00

Cult of Isis Pendant

Cult of Isis Pendant Pewter Alchemy P233
The Cult of Isis Pendant features a translucent red enameled solar disk, horned and enthroned, of the great Egyptian and universal goddess. Wear this protective gothic amulet to call upon the power of this deity. 
Price: $23.00

Dante's Hex Pendant

Dante's Hex Pendant Pewter Alchemy P235
The Dantes Hex Pendant replicates the eye-catching style of a medieval pentagram, surrounded by an outer circle. This detailed symbol of protection would be familiar to a 13th century literary genius such as Dante.
Price: $12.75

Death Ingot Necklace

Death Ingot Necklace Pewter Alchemy P710
A memorial to the lives taken in battle, the Death Ingot Necklace displays a rectangular pendant showing the alchemical caput mortuum symbol at the top, followed by black teardrops and a medieval sword beneath. 
Price: $33.00

Death Of A Vampire Pendant

Death Of A Vampire Pendant Pewter Alchemy P495
The Death of a Vampire Pendant represents the blackest night of a member of the blood-thirsty undead. This vampire pendant showcases a garnet Swarovski crystal heart, staked and eternally consigned to ashes and oblivion.
Price: $37.00

Death Valley Skull Pendant

Death Valley Skull Pendant Pewter Alchemy ULP38
Are you ready to face the hell-rider? This Death Valley Skull and Spanner bones Necklace is the gothic emblem of gear-heads and grease-monkeys everywhere, bringing death-metal and mechanical style to any attire with ease. 
Price: $48.00

Death's Head Butterfly Choker

Death's Head Butterfly Choker Pewter Alchemy P633
Never forget that beautiful things can be deadly as well. At first glance, this Deaths Head Butterfly Choker is nothing more than a colorful and beautiful butterfly. But a second look reveals the subtle death mask design.
Price: $75.00

Demimondaines Necklace

Demimondaines Necklace 17-P612
The Demimondaines Necklace with the world at their feet, the hedonistic 'bright young things' of the Deco Era dazzle with style comes with 9 Swarovski which are square and round cut crystals with black enamelled panels.
Price: $77.00

Devil Heart Pendant

Devil Heart Pendant Pewter Alchemy ULFP20
Is your style of love filled with angel wings and harp music, or do you like to be just a little wicked? The Devil Heart Pendant dangle bright red enamel hearts with silvery, pointed horns and twining, forked tails. 
Price: $29.00

Diamond Heart Necklace

Diamond Heart Pendant Pewter Alchemy P609
A dragon can be a powerful ally, but is it safe to trust one that has a heart of diamond? Consider carefully before answering, and you might gain a powerful ally in the dragon of the Diamond Heart Necklace.
Price: $48.00

Dogeressa Choker

Dogeressa Choker Pewter Alchemy P726
The mighty power of the Doge of Venice came to an end as the nobleman slipped from life. Modeled on the rich regalia of office, the Dogeressa Choker offers one last token of forlorn devotion to the bereaved Renaissance lady of the Palace. 
Price: $63.00

Double Axe Pendant

Double Axe Pendant Alchemy P11
The Double Axe Pendant recreates in miniature the professional trade tool of barbarian warlords. This striking gothic axe pendant hangs from the end of its handle, showing off a pair of curved blades to each side. 
Price: $18.00

Draconkreuz Pendant

Draconkreuz Pendant Pewter Alchemy P417
The Draconkreuz Pendant depicts the symbol of an obscure, mystic medieval order for holders of arcane and ancient magical powers. This cross pendant features bright red Swarovski crystal accents at the end of each bar. 
Price: $43.00

Dragon Skull Pendant

Dragon Skull Pendant Pewter Alchemy P625
There might not be any flesh and blood attached to this bone, but do not underestimate how ferocious a dragon truly is, even in a skeletal state. This dragon skull is impeccably detailed, featuring impressive ridges and decorations that run along its eyes and its maw.
Price: $32.00

Dragons Claw Crystal Pendant

Dragons Claw Crystal Pendant Alchemy P13
The Dragons Claw Pendant showcases the clawed foot of a mystical dragon that carefully grips a smooth smoked topaz crystal orb. This rich brown accent stone looks great against the metallic gleam of the detailed dragon foot. 
Price: $23.00

Drakul's Mirror Necklace

Drakul's Mirror Pendant Pewter Alchemy P660
In the great hall of Count Dracula there was said to be a great mirror, one in which the count will never see himself because of his curse. It is an accent that you can adorn yourself with in the form of this Drakul's Mirror Necklace! 
Price: $46.00

Drakvlya Gem Necklace

Drakvlya Gem Necklace Pewter Alchemy P678
The image of the bat remains a timeless nod to the nocturnal nature of the vampire. This Drakvlya Gem Necklace depicts a vampiric night-flier in gothic fashion worthy of the loveliest of vampiric maidens. 
Price: $42.00

Dudley's Jewel Blade Pendant

Dudley's Jewel Blade Necklace Pewter Alchemy P657
To a celebrated courtier involved in scandal and intrigue, a good rapier would seem like the very best of friends and the greatest of treasures. This Dudley's Jewel Blade Pendant echoes the look of a medieval cut and thrust sword. 
Price: $71.00

Elementary Crux Angelicus Pendant

Elementary Crux Angelicus Necklace Pewter Alchemy P580
The Elementary Crux Angelicus Necklace is the 'Cross of the Angels and the Elements'; infused with the teachings of the supreme mentor of devout philosophy and alchemical wisdom.
Price: $57.00

Emerald Venom Necklace

Emerald Venom Necklace Pewter Alchemy P432
The Emerald Venom Necklace depicts a deadly predator, poised to sink its irresistible fangs into the flesh of its unwitting victim. This spider necklace boasts a pair of beautiful Swarovski crystal accents in its design.
Price: $67.00

Empress Eugenie Blue Heart Diamond Pendant

Empress Eugenie Blue Heart Diamond Pendant Necklace Pewter Alchemy P531
The Empress Eugenies Blue Heart Diamond Pendant is modeled on the design of a legendary, massive blue heart diamond, which was once owned by the empress consort of Napoleon III before being rediscovered by Cartier in 1908. 
Price: $90.00

Empyrian Eye Tears From Heaven Pendant

Empyrian Eye: Tears From Heaven Pendant Pewter Alchemy P712
Gleaming with iridescent colors like the Northern Lights, this necklace shares the beauty of the tears that fall to earth from the heavenly eyes of God. The Empyrian Eye Tears From Heaven Pendant displays intricate designs around its crystals. 
Price: $63.00

Enlightenment Astral Dragon Quadrant Locket

Enlightenment Astral Dragon Quadrant Locket Pewter Alchemy P670
Originally a replacement for the astrolabe, this quadrant measures more mysterious properties. Occultists used tools like the Enlightenment Astral Dragon Quadrant Locket for divination using the movement of the astral dragon through the stars. 
Price: $71.00

Eve Necklace

Eve Necklace Pewter Alchemy P615
This attractive pendant is symbolic of the original sin, that which brought about the fall of mankind. Named the Eve Necklace, this piece represents the irresistible temptation that was placed before the first woman.
Price: $75.00

Eventide Bat Necklace

Eventide Bat Pendant Pewter Alchemy P655
An alluring and impressive symbol of the night can be found in this lovely Eventide Bat Necklace. More than a dozen little bats make up this pendant, creating an attractive accessory that shows them all flying. 
Price: $60.00

Flaming V Guitar Pendant

Flaming V Guitar Necklace Pewter Alchemy P685
A metal axe-man should never be without his weapon of choice! Now you can totally rock your style in a literal sense, by adding this Flaming V Guitar Pendant to your style. This way, everyone will know that you rock. 
Price: $25.00

Forever Inked Necklace

Forever Inked Necklace Pewter Alchemy ULFP22
A dedication to love, life, or just ink? The Forever Inked Necklace features Swarovski crystal motor coils that power the tattoo machine held in a skeletal grasp. This gothic necklace inscribes a message of eternity on the wearer. 
Price: $48.00

Foundryman's Ring Cross Necklace

Foundryman's Ring Cross Pendant Pewter Alchemy P606
The Foundrymans Ring Cross Necklace is a powerful symbol of an old faith embodied and embedded in the gears and steel of an ironworkers soul. Words that speak of the powerful faith and belief that are embedded in this talisman. 
Price: $56.00

Frozen Heart Pendant

Frozen Heart Necklace Pewter Alchemy P703
Dripping from the wings of love, this cold heart has frozen diamond-hard and sharp as ice. The Frozen Heart Pendant symbolizes the chilled heart of one who has experienced broken affections with no remorse or attempt of atonement. 
Price: $37.00

Funeral for a Paramour Necklace

Funeral for a Paramour Necklace Pewter Alchemy P706
A tangled confusion of love, devotion, and mourning combine in the design of this striking necklace. Representing an impassioned and devastating loss, the Funeral for a Paramour Necklace depicts a red satin coffin pad among twining rose vines.
Price: $99.00

Garden of Dark Desires Necklace

Garden of Dark Desires Necklace Pewter Alchemy P583
The Garden of Dark Desires NecklaceFew symbols reference as powerful a thing as karmic love, a love where each cruelty and selfish tendency is returned in kind. The black roses on the Garden of Dark Desires Necklace can symbolize so powerful a feeling.
Price: $65.00

Geronimo Skull Pendant

Geronimo Skull Pendant Pewter Alchemy ULP36
Usually, when you are going to dive into the unknown, the appropriate word to call out is, Geronimo! With the Geronimo Skull Necklace, the spirit of this brave warrior appears as a skull to bring its wearer fearlessness.
Price: $34.00

GMT Quantum Displacer Control Pendant

GMT Quantum Displacer Control Pendant Pewter Alchemy P541
Our GMT Quantum Displacer Control Pendant "an essential piece of equipment for any self-respecting, Victorian cyber-junkie, and the means by which they would calibrate the necessary compensation for entropic shift in matter when enabling transposition.
Price: $82.00

God's Acre Necklace

God's Acre Pendant Pewter Alchemy P683
A tangle of undergrowth smothers what remains of the mortal life in this Gods Acre Necklace. Stunning English pewter mixes with beads and gleaming crystal to make a fanciful design that fuses natural beauty and mortality.
Price: $93.00

Golgotha Skull Pendant

Golgotha Pendant Pewter Alchemy P717
The place of the skull, and the site of the crucifixion depicted by a deferentially chained cross and black crystal mark the scene of a deep and passionate suffering, worn to express emotional desolation as only a true goth knows how. 
Price: $45.00

Gothic Ankh Pendant

Gothic Ankh Pendant Pewter Alchemy P342
The Gothic Ankh Pendant offers a vampire hybrid of the Egyptian symbol for eternal life and the stylistic form of High Gothic art. The ankh necklace displays a round black accent crystal just below the loop of the crux ansata. 
Price: $37.00

Gothic Bat Pendant

Gothic Bat Pendant Pewter Alchemy P121
One of the most iconic creatures of the night, bats appear to be the natural companions of other spooky beings such as vampires and werewolves. The Gothic Bat Pendant showcases one of these nocturnal creatures as it flies.
Price: $31.50

Gothic Devotion Cross Pendant

Gothic Devotion Cross Necklace Pewter Alchemy P698
One of the most potent and widely used amulets in the world, the cross has long been a symbol of devotion and religious belief. The Gothic Devotion Cross Pendant takes the shape of a treflee, also called the Apostles Cross. 
Price: $16.00

Gothic Leather Thong Necklace

Gothic Leather Thong Necklace 17-N00
The Gothic Leather Thong Necklace is 3 ft. long 2mm square cut leather hide thong in black.
Regular Price: $12.00
On Sale For: $10.00

Gothic Matrimony Necklace

Gothic Matrimony Pendant Pewter Alchemy P659
Now you can tie the knot with a touch of romantic darkness! Inspired by the popular phrase, as well as with the ages old handfasting ceremony, this Gothic Matrimony Necklace pairs elegant design with a delicate bow-tie styled knot. 
Price: $61.00

Heart of Cthulhu Pendant

Heart of Cthulhu Pendant Pewter Alchemy P723
From the malevolent depths of the fathomless ocean, a monstrous, crystallized soul of darkness begins to take shape. The Heart of Cthulhu Pendant showcases the extremities of a sea creature holding an iridescent heart. 
Price: $78.00

Heart of Darkness Necklace

Heart of Darkness Necklace Pewter Alchemy P552
The Heart of Darkness vampire Necklace features a black enameled heart with red blood and on a 23 inch black rosary bead necklace.  Turn to the dark side with this captivating heart of darkness bead necklace.
Price: $52.00

Helm of Awe Pendant

Helm of Awe Pendant Pewter Alchemy P687
The raven was an animal sacred to Odin, and by carving this rune onto a skull, the sigil is empowered by Odins own magic. This Helm of Awe Ravenskull Pendant offers a twist on the traditional design of Viking jewelry.
Price: $33.00

Herz Leben Pendant

Herz Leben Necklace Pewter Alchemy P702
A symbol of eternal life, the ankh in this pendant melds subtly with the background heart and prominent amethystine gem. The Herz Leben Pendant displays the distinctive cross-with-handle shape with gothic details. 
Price: $43.00

High Ball Pendant

High Ball Pendant Pewter Alchemy ULP39
Better make sure you do not scratch when you are trying to put the 8-ball in its pocket! This High Ball Punk Pendant is a delightfully modern accessory with a subtle style that can be seamlessly blended with almost any look. 
Price: $34.00

Hole In The Head Pendant

Hole In The Head Pendant Pewter Alchemy ULP34
Who needs a hole in the head? Not to worry, no violence committed. You can just adorn yourself with this wicked and wonderful little Hole in the Head Pendant! Usually this is a fatal experience, but not with this accessory.
Price: $19.00

Huntsman's Man Tamer Necklace

Huntsman's Man Tamer Pendant Pewter Alchemy P672
The Huntsmans Man Tamer Necklace is a masterpiece from the esteemed inventor who brought you the 1740 cut-throat razor. This is one gleaming blade that you are encouraged to keep not only close at hand, but close to your throat.
Price: $81.00