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LARP Childrens Armour


LARP Hybrid Armour
Our Hybrid Armour items are made by traditional armourers, manufacturing Museum Quality armour in hybrid polyurethane.

The advantage of hybrid polyurethane Armour.

* It is very Tough and will Last for Years.
* It looks like REAL ARMOUR
* It's Lightweight making it perfect for LARP events and Theater
* It's Fully Functional and can be Worn
* It will never Rust, (no polishing)!!
* It will not Dent if Dropped
* It comes in a Variety of Finishes to suit your own Style!
*These are the exact items used in Movies!

Hybrid Polyurethane FAQ'S

Shipping time is normally between 6 to 12 weeks.

LARP 15th Century Children's Breastplate DC-498

LARP 15th Century Children's Breastplate DC-498
15th Century Children's Breastplate, Hybrid Child's Armour made from tough Polyurethane that will not rust, dent or corrode.
Price: $179.40