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The Tudors

Inspired by the Showtime Original Series "The Tudors". We are happy to offer a full line of replica clothing, armor, jewelry, swords and miniatures.

Duke of Suffolk Slashed Pants 882008

King Henry Brocade Pants 882008
These black-on-black brocade paneled pants have open slashes and a button-up front. 100% cotton, Black. S/M or L/XL.
Price: $99.00

King Henry Courtly Pants 882014

King Henry Courtly Pants 882014
Our King Henry's Courtly Pants seen in the Tudors, are Period black knee britches with a royal satin-like finish.
Price: $79.00

Lord of Essex Long Vest

Lord of Essex Long Vest 26-101063
This elegant black Tudor long vest is highlighted with silver brocade. 100% cotton with rayon lining and hook & eye closures.
Price: $99.00

Lord of Essex Shirt

Lord of Essex Shirt 26-101062
This period cut shirt is made of a crinkled black polyester with a Tudor styled neck and dual hook & eye closure.
Price: $75.00

Nottingham Cross Shirt 882006

King Henry Cross Shirt 882006
Nottingham Cross Shirt is a generous period shirt with an embroidered cross pattern on the collar. Hook & eye closure on collar. 100% cotton.
Price: $64.00

Tudor Close Helm 26-300432

Tudor Close Helm 26-300432
Our Tudor Close Helm is the classic form of helmet most often associated with the image of a knight. During Henry the VIIIs wars in France (1522-1523), this form of helmet would have been in use on both sides.
Price: $289.00