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LARP Arm Armor

LARP Arm Armor made from tough Polyurethane that will not rust, dent or corrode. Including Medieval Spaulders, Full arms, Vambraces, Arm Bracers, Elven Bracers and Gauntlets!

LARP Hybrid Armour
Our Hybrid Armour items are made by traditional armourers, manufacturing Museum Quality armour in hybrid polyurethane.

The advantage of hybrid polyurethane Armour.
* Very Tough will Last for Years.
* Looks like REAL ARMOUR
* Lightweight perfect for LARP events and Theater
* Fully Functional and can be Worn
* Will never Rust, (no polishing)!!
* Will not Dent if Dropped
* Variety of Finishes to suit your own Style!
* These are the exact items used in Movies!

Hybrid Polyurethane FAQ'S

Shipping time is normally between 6 to 12 weeks.

Full LARP Arm Harness

Full LARP Arm Harness
The Full LARP Arm Harness is complete arm armour comprising of Vambrace and detachable Articulated Spaulder.
Price: $497.64

LARP Articulated Spaudlers

LARP Articulated Spaudlers DC-474
Our LARP Articulated Spaudlers are sold as a Pair. Complete with top lacing holes and upper arm strap.
Price: $301.08

LARP Celtic Bracers

LARP Celtic Bracers DC-586
LARP Celtic Bracers are Leather effect Celtic design bracers complete with lacing thong. Sold as a pair.
Price: $95.16

LARP Elven Bracers

LARP Elven Bracers DC-624
LARP Elven Bracers to match the Elven breastplate and greaves. (Special finish pictured).
Price: $113.88

LARP One Piece Spaudler

LARP One Piece Spaudler DC-530
LARP One Piece Spaudler with fixed plates. Complete with straps and upper lacing holes.
Price: $113.88

LARP Pauldron

LARP Pauldron DC-696
15th century style LARP Pauldrons. Sold as a pair.
Price: $282.36

LARP Vambrace

LARP Vambrace DC-469
Our LARP Vambrace Comprising upper cannon, couter and lower cannon.
Price: $338.52

Leather-look LARP Arm Bracers

Leather-look LARP Arm Bracers DC-531
The Leather-look LARP Arm Bracers made from our flexible material. Sold as a pair.
Price: $104.52

Mitten Gauntlets

Mitten Gauntlets DC-482
Sold as a pair, our LARP Mitten Gauntlets are complete with hand, wrist and thumb straps. Rusty steel finish pictured.
Price: $450.84
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