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Gargoyle Sculptures

In medieval times, gargoyles adorned many churches, castles and buildings, serving functional, as well as spiritual, purposes. Functionally, their gaping mouths and long tongues served as waterspouts, sending rivulets of rainwater streaming off the high roofs to splatter on the ground below. The spiritual role played by these fierce and wide eyed -but truly good hearted- creatures was that of sentinels, perched high to ward off evil spirits and guard against misfortune. Muscles tensed and armoured with scales, each gargoyle is cast in the highest-quality synthetic stone then individually hand-painted to highlight the craggy detail of the weathered stone finish. (*Note for indoor use only)

Gargoyle Egg with Eyes WE-952

Gargoyle Egg with Eyes
Gargoyle eggs take a very long time to hatch. This Gargoyle Egg with Eyes watches you closely with red glass eyes from inside his stone finish egg.
Price: $32.00

Little Happy Cat Gargoyle WE-965

Little Happy Cat Gargoyle
What is the Little Happy Cat Gargoyle laughing about? Makes me nervous when cats do that.
Price: $29.00

Small Panther Gargoyle WE-966

Small Panther Gargoyle
Demon panthers are big trouble, even little ones like this Small Panther Gargoyle. Good thing he is on your side! Stone finish.
Price: $40.00