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Unicorn and Pegasus Sculptures

Unicorn Sculputures made By Windstone. These item make for a great gift.  They are also collectibles items.

Baby Pegasus Buckskin Statue WE-823-BUC

Baby Pegasus Buckskin Statue
This is the Baby Pegasus in "Buckskin". It has brown glass eyes and green jewels set in its painted metallic gold collar. These are unsigned limited production, painted by Melody Pena.
Price: $85.00

Baby Pegasus Opoponax Statue WE-823-OP

Baby Pegasus Opoponax Statue
This is the Baby Pegasus in Opoponax. The Baby Pegasus is painted solid black with metallic gold and copper wings and brown glass eyes, his hooves are dusty gold and he wears a painted metallic gold chain.
Price: $75.00

Mother Unicorn WE-803-W

Mother Unicorn
Our Mother Unicorn looks sweet, but she is really a ferocious unicorn. The dragons leave her alone. She is white with pink and gray on her nose and feet. She wears a metallic gold plated chain set with one ice blue jewel and has a 24k gold plated horn.
Price: $91.00